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  1. IWantToBeADollarBill

    [Serious] Any feet cels out there?

    So I live on the coast in a populated area where a lot of stacies live and go out on the beach. I like to surf and the water is warm enough to not wear a wetsuit. A few years ago a gas grill accident left my legs below the knees severely burnt. Some stacies look absolutely repulsed by that...
  2. IWantToBeADollarBill

    [SuicideFuel] This is the blackpill

    Whenever I look at myself in the mirror, it hits me. I will NEVER take a woman's virginity. I will never have ANY life experiences worth a fucking shit. I will never experience young love, or any love for that matter. I can barely even look at myself. I have died inside. Suicide is appearing on...
  3. IWantToBeADollarBill

    [SuicideFuel] Is there any point in living

    Wrong. They are all used up by Chad by then. Their cunts wouldn't grip my dick as well, and they just lay there like a doll.
  4. IWantToBeADollarBill

    [SuicideFuel] Is there any point in living

    If you get all the way through high school without Breaking through a girls virginity Fucking her tight little cunt Cumming all over her face Declaring undying love for her
  5. IWantToBeADollarBill

    [Venting] I look worse after a shower

    When I step out of the shower the water flattens my hair to my head, exposing how short and flat my forehead is and how small my head is.
  6. IWantToBeADollarBill

    Are there any incel vloggers?

    You're right, maybe he took a shower or two and ascended.
  7. IWantToBeADollarBill

    [Story] School crush

    User Machiavelli, THIS IS ALL TOO REAL
  8. IWantToBeADollarBill

    Dammit I would fuck a girl way better than Chad

    I would penetrate every one of her holes with my 6" dick and make her cum everywhere. I would pound the ever loving shit out of her all night long and she would be screaming. If she had nice feet I would suck them too. But since my face is too small and my jaw is trash i won't even get the...
  9. IWantToBeADollarBill

    [Story] School crush

    I began finding a girl in my 1st period class very attractive, and I began heavily masturbating to the thought of pounding her for hours. I even fell in love. I was obsessing over her. Of course I was very depressed and obviously bad looking, so I didn't dare approach her. It was December, and I...
  10. IWantToBeADollarBill

    Are there any incel vloggers?

    If only BlackOps2Cel would start one up. My god. If he hasn't roped yet
  11. IWantToBeADollarBill

    Blackpill at 15 years old

    I go through everyday lifeless. This last two years have been the worst of my life, with bouts of intense OCD and depression, capped of with my mom dying in January. I'll never make it out this internal hell. My life was destined to be a failure. SERIOUS I don't know how I'll make it after...
  12. IWantToBeADollarBill

    [Serious] WOULD YOU RATHER...

    I'd pound my crush all night in every possible position... easy choice... I don't want to die ... yet
  13. IWantToBeADollarBill

    While Chad gets his dick sucked every night

    Chin sliding genioplasty, jaw angle implants, ears pinned. They won't fix my small head, KMS
  14. IWantToBeADollarBill

    While Chad gets his dick sucked every night

    I take pictures of myself in the mirror and simulate a bunch of plastic surgeries on my face before jacking off and going to sleep. ITS OVER IT NEVER EVEN STARTED
  15. IWantToBeADollarBill

    [JFL] brutal.

    Holy shit... even that high tier normie mogs dude on the left to hell and back
  16. IWantToBeADollarBill


    It's over for me
  17. IWantToBeADollarBill

    [Venting] I had a hentai dream

    Lol at least you dream about sex, I dreamt about my scary math teacher and no having HW
  18. IWantToBeADollarBill


    Lol when I was younger all the adults said I was attractive, they don't say shit now. I went through my seventh grade yearbook and realized my jaw was always fucking trash. I realized even surgery won't help my lost cause, FML.