1. L Lawliet

    [JFL] (Same)Advices from normies on The Stream

    Normies when will they learn?(Look at these biased comments.)
  2. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [RageFuel] "The secret is to make the girl laugh, then she will like you"

    This is one of the most bluepill shit that exists, any normie that give you this type of advice please do a favor for the human race and kill the fucking cuck
  3. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [RageFuel] Do you want to know one of the cruelest "advice" of the normies?

    15 years KHHDV - "Be patient, a girl sure will be interested in you in highschool." 18 years KHHDV - "After you leave highschool it's better, they look for more mature guys, be patient." 22 years KHDV - "Come on, man. You're in college, all you have to do is socialize and be patient." 25...
  4. lonelyistheworld

    [JFL] angry tradcon boomer rant

    This is old but it is still funny to read.
  5. IncelldomReading

    Any tips?

    Anyone got any ideas on ways to avoid falling for a girl, and repeating the whole situation I was blackpilled about all over again? I just can't take it, the fucking back and forward notion of wasting my time chasing shadows that I want to be real, but never will be. How do I not end up getting...
  6. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Hypocrisy] Normies advices that contradict themselves

    Incel: "I can not get a girl who likes me, I'm a piece of shit, I'm the ugliest person I know, I'll never be loved." Normie:"Not really, you just need to trust yourself, you need to have self confidence and show that you are a serious and responsible person to be in a relationship and that you...
  7. TaskManagerDust

    [Advice] For my fellow oily, greasy, shining incels

    A lot of incels that I've spoken to have had insecurities about having oily skin, so this post contains some boring, but helpful advice for oily fucks who want to try to fix their issue. A LOT of oil boys (and women, I guess) believe that products labeled "Oil Control" will solve their...
  8. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] don't get a haircut

    Getting haircut is retarded counterproductive advice for someone who is ugly. Let your hair grow out long so it draws attention away from your subhuman features. Also if your hair is long enough you can have it cover your subhuman face like a mask when you walk around in public.
  9. Intent

    [JFL] Ben Shapiro gives Influential Advice on How to Escape Inceldom

    JUST BE YOURSELF :lul::lul::lul::kys:
  10. M

    [Venting] I want to quit my disability pension

    I’m M21, I’ve been on a disability (Autism) pension since I left school in 2014, I get $420 a fortnight for basically being disabled. I have to attend these pointless job clubs twice a week, I can’t stand it any longer and just want to rot at home in peace. The only reason I stay on the...
  11. VST

    [JFL] Female advice

    >We don't like nice guys >We like alpha males but to get a gf you need to: >Be nice >Be yourself, AKA do not try being alpha. Remind me again, why should we be listening to female advice?
  12. VST

    [Venting] Most "legit" normie advice has only temporary effects.

    Whenever you state that you're depressed the go to normie advice is: >Get a job >Start sleeping better >Start lifting And I have to give it to them, it does work, but as the title states the effects are temporary, after doing those I usually relapse back to being my depressed self after a month...