1. Manletmancer

    Is alcohol a good cope?

    It helps me forget my troubles but I worry it may turn me into an alcoholic. How much can you safely drink in one day?
  2. Ritalincel

    [LDAR] one in five infants "affected" by the mother's alcohol consumption during pregancy in the UK Nearly one in five British children left harmed by their mothers drinking in pregnancy, shock study claims Screening on 13,500 children found 79 per cent...
  3. I

    [Serious] I hear a helicopter flying close to the house.

    This is scary af, they might be rounding us up soon,stay safe.:feelstrash:
  4. ToxicAlcoholSyndrome

    [JFL] Any Fellow Alcoholcels?

    Just wondering if any of my fellow incel-brothers here drink any sort of alcoholic beverages? I've always been a Budweiser, Michelob Ultra, PBR, etc. kind of guy. What are you guys?