1. Gengar

    [LDAR] Is big shit an alpha trait?

    I shit once every three days and my shit is sometimes so big I need to flush the toilet for 2 times and pour water from the bucket because the force of the toilet water is not strong enough. I didn't measure it of course, but it looks like that sometimes my shit is 30-35 cm in length and ~10 cm...
  2. Mixedcel

    What do you think about what this man is saying?

  3. Ascent God

    Woke Words About The Spiritual Differences Between The Sexes Written 115 Years ago

    *Women don't have appreciation for chastity; only men have. *Women look for sexually experienced brutal Chads and not men of virtue. *They're looking for the biggest male slut. *Woman is a non entity and she only gains existence through Chad's sexuality. *Non brutal males are fucked - and have...
  4. WithoutMe

    [It's Over] Male reproduction is a rigged game.

    The steps to securing reproduction as a male: 1. Make a lot of money. 2. Looksmax and Gymcel. 3. Meet as many people as possible a. Develop skills which are interesting and respectable. b. Learn how to carry and control a conversation. c. Network / make connections. 4. Attract a...
  5. lonelyistheworld

    [Blackpill] Normalfags argue that bullying is natural and therefore good.

    Normalfags believe nature is always right and good. Normalfags believe bullying is natural selection. Well if your going to use the retarded appeal to nature argument then you would have to admit that school shootings are just natural selection and therefore good. In fact isn't killing the alpha...
  6. lonelyistheworld

    [Blackpill] (video) alpha cuck primitive

  7. Jockcel

    [Experiment] Which one are you?

    I am Alpha myself, but it doesn't help me in the dating scene.
  8. Cleftcel

    Chad nation

    Is the percentage of Chads a constant or does it vary in different countries and generations?