1. littlemanhikicel

    [Based] Based anime escene Otokojuku

    to have context see minute 1:30 to the end , is based srs.
  2. LilHappyLilSad

    [Cope] What are your best copes?

    My copes: -Online games (Counter strike go , lol) -Sometimes anime (I need anime please Would you recommend :D My favourite animes: charlotte tokyo ghoul naruto sword art online -Fap (I love fap but sometimes it's really boring) -Music (Trap metal and rap ı love sad musics) -Religions (I...
  3. seija

    [Cope] Just a reminder if we ever do get robot waifu AIs, we'll probably get this happening in the future

    Yeah, we're probably going to recreate the million machine march mostly because our technology will be so advanced and how technology will be advanced so quickly that we can potentially create robot AIs, waifus, robot waifus, holograms, artificial wombs, maidbots, etc. Along with other pieces...
  4. seija

    Going to go to an anime convention as a part of a school trip.

    I have mentioned that I'm about to go to an anime convention on multiple different threads and I haven't gave enough detail. Yes I'm currently going to an anime convention later today but it is for a school trip. Two different schools will be there to go to the anime convention with the people...
  5. seija

    [Media] Anime Megathread

    Watching anime is probably the only true cope for me. I'm currently watching Welcome to the NHK and I'm currently on episode 11.
  6. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Cope] Who has watched shinsekai yori

    Its an anime every incel should watch, its one of the most blackpilled masterpieces. Its about eugenics, genitical engineering and the beta upspring. Or you just could say its about the future.
  7. SoyUnPerdedor

    [LDAR] why do ethnics love anime?

    either it be here, or IRL ethnics tend to watch anime. specially ethnic incels
  8. manlet cUnt

    which (month)cels are the most cancerous?

    bottom textx xddddde pise off mate ok
  9. giganticel

    [Experiment] Who’s the biggest shitposter in the forum ?

  10. lonelyistheworld

    [Experiment] animes that normalfags hate?

    What are some good animes that normalfags hate or have a anti normalfag message in them?
  11. L Lawliet

    [Spoiler]One Piece Blackpilled Episode

    Episode 817 is too blackpilled Pudding:Foids in this Era Video: Manga Chapter 851
  12. L Lawliet

    [LifeFuel] Let's post good images here

  13. Intent


    Why haven't you purchased an anime girl sex doll?
  14. L Lawliet

    True Blackpill Anime

    Rainbow Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
  15. L Lawliet

    [Meme] Animecels come here

    World should know pain. Shinra Hellstorm Thot Exterminator no Jutsu Blackpill bomb
  16. IsolationHurts

    My life right now: I moved with my parents

    Im sorry for being an attentionwhore, but i just wanna share whats going on in my life lately with someone that might be interested. I have no friends ,so even if only a few people in this forum really can relate, i really cant rant anywhere else... :feelsbadman: So... basically... my parents...
  17. L Lawliet

    Incel Animes

    Some animes show incels problem.I suggest you to watch them.(You can add animes if you want.) My favourites Naruto/Naruto Shippuden Lovely Complex Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood