1. LDARBuddah

    [LifeFuel] Theres no better cure for anxiety than gymcelling

    Its The best cope. Seriously, today i felt like my anxiety was killing me. I went down to the gym with a gallon of water doing pure strength training for 1 and a half hour. Now coming home i feel fucking reinvigorated. I can feel my T levels going through the roof. The exhaustion you feel when...
  2. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] reminder that whenever you go outside everyone is watching you

    You are special. You are a subhuman. 99% of people are normalfags. You are not normal. In normal people's eyes you are UGLY. If you are ugly THEN YOU MUST BE a weirdo, pedophile, rapist, school shooter ect. They are always paying close attention to every little thing you do. So just remember...
  3. sparkleselite

    [REAL] Permanent depression/anxiety fix - Nardil/Phenelzine Medication

    Hi guys, I wanted to let you know about the medication called Nardil. It has turned my life around. I was an introvert, with no friends at college. Even scared to just go ask questions to teachers in lectures or raise my hands in class. Now I can talk to women and everyone like never before...
  4. Intent

    [RageFuel] Do Not Open This Thread If You're A Depressed Incel

    >open YouTube >type in "Anxiety Q&A" >try not to ropecel
  5. gambleaddictmntlcel

    [LifeFuel] Are there any mentalcels on here who had opportunities to have sex but their mental illness prevented them from going forth with it?

    There was only one time in my life where I actually had a chance to get rid of my virginity. This was almost 2 years ago. We were in her bed and she clearly wanted it. My chronic anxiety, paranoia and general stupidity kicked in and I got up because I had blue balls and masturbated in the corner...