1. Hentai-Connoisseur

    Opinion about "being very good at something is hot"

    Thats smth I didnt really see talked about here, probably bc its not that relevant but I encountered it in the past a few times and I thought it would be interesting to talk about it. A thing I sometimes heard, very rarely but still, is that its attractive for a male to be very competent at...
  2. Gengar

    [Serious] The importance of balls

    We all know big dick is important but what about balls? I know big dick and big balls usually go together so in those cases you can just equate the importance of balls with the importance of dick, but what if not? How would a foid react if say, someone had big balls but small dick? I guess they...
  3. Gengar

    [Serious] Can chad be fat?

    By fat I don't mean obese, I mean chubby or a little bit over that. I'd say yes because (Un)Holy Trinity (Face, Height and Frame) can be exhibited even if a male is overweight. It's all about bones.
  4. Zod

    [Experiment] Right after you ejaculate, foids don't attract you at all. Would you like to remain in that state forever? (IMPORTANT: ejaculate before you answer)

    IMPORTANT: make sure you ejaculate right before answering this poll - that way your answer won't be biased by your active sex drive
  5. P

    Females with odd sexual attractions?

    So I'm into big girls. People would probably say I have a fat fetish. I also have an accent fetish. A pee fetish. An underarm fetish. Feet fetish. But then again I'm not sure if in 2018 these are just considered preferences nowadays. In going with that I definitely am attracted to some women...