1. outherebrothers

    [LifeFuel] Specialist autism website Age of Autism ADMITS that young men NEED sex and autistic men have little to no chance of getting it.

    At least there is a mainstream website waking up to reality. This article was in reference to Tryston Terrell (St. Chad SlayerCel) who shot up a school and killed a Chad and another student and was diagnosed as autistic at aged 3. "My friends with sons at every spot on the spectrum are insane...
  2. chudur-budur

    [JFL] Roasties think fapping is rape because your hand can't give you consent.

    Roasties never cease to amaze me. :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: A pure lifefuel, if this is not made up.
  3. FrustratedWhiteMale

    I'm Going To France With My Girlfriend (Vicariously)

    I am watching travel videos with my high end sex doll. Here are our advantages: No long lines No lost luggage No missing the flight No need to leave the house I can cuddle with her when watching the landmarks. No need to fasten the seatbelt when the plane takes off I save lots of money. A trip...
  4. ImustEatToSurvive

    [Story] Do your parents think you are retarded?

    incels, do you too make motherfucking awkward things next to your parents and you regret that only after time? for example, today my grandme was yelling that omg the smoke is everywhere, I reply her wait a moment, but then I feel it and there actually is smoke everywhere, I shouted on the whole...
  5. iblamemyself

    Sad cringe: 35yo autist Markus with gender issues, his life and his down syndrome gfs

    Not sure which prefix to choose. But this belongs here, no doubt. This is a documentary about a 35 years old autist. He builds toys with motion detectors. He only likes mentally disabled people because they are nicer. On top of that, he also has gender issues. You can see him and his "downy"...
  6. Insomniac

    [It's Over] 9000

  7. chudur-budur

    [Soy] Who really wins?

    Although a repost, but it's a good reminder about what we are dealing with on a daily basis.
  8. th62eathhts2

    [It's Over] Even talking to my parents gives me an anxiety attack now.

    I don't know if i let it get this bad, or if it was always going to become this bad. Doubt I can ever be normal again, seems like I'm long since past the point of no return.
  9. Lindys

    [Serious] Is the first thing that comes to your mind when mogged is "I must post on"?

    I had to watch Almost Famous in film class today and I got mogged incredibly hard when the 15 year old main character I immediately thought about posting here as a result of seeing that. The sheer process of coming here acts as almost an immediate source of relief, similar to music but perhaps...
  10. psilocybincel

    [It's Over] For people with a thousand-yard-stares or lazy eyes.

    It's over for anyone with a shell-shocked expression akin to PTSD or aspie eyes. If you're facial expression does not respond to your emotions it's over. If you look like Adam Lanza because of autism but your not a violent person it's triple over, even if you have good-looking eyes or eye area...
  11. subJenner

    This site cannot deal with a certain incel humor

    I got 2 threads deleted: 1- The one where I was busting Invisible's balls (aka FACEandLMS), which I've known for years and im sure he had a laugh himself, because the best therapy-cope to the fact that you'll never fuck ridiculous looking jailbaits is laughing at the unfathomable tragedy. 2-...
  12. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] how is mocking people with autism any different than racism?

    Being racist is one of the most socially unacceptable things you can do. However mocking people with autism is hilarious and all in good fun. Why does society have retarded double standards?
  13. StormlitAqua

    [Meme] [Aspergers]Small collection of users who have achieved the 'trifecta'

    In my autism, I noticed that it is very satisfying when the same user has the most recent post in all 3 main forum sections. I cant exactly explain why. So I started collecting screenshots of when people got it, its sortof like a get on an imageboard. I dubbed it 'trifecta' in absence of an...
  14. lonelyistheworld

    [It's Over] 1000 posts of autism

    When is it going to end?
  15. StormlitAqua

    [JFL] [blogpost] Car and washing machine broke on same day

    Being a real adult fucking sucks. Sometimes I am jealous of neetcels and youngcels that don't have to deal with this shit. It costs $80 just to get the washing machine repairman to DIAGNOSE the problem, and probably another $200-300 to actually fix it. Muh car is a piece of shit and the...
  16. Frigidx

    How many of us legitimately have Autism?

    I've heard from many other incels that they have autism and social anxiety, but how many actually have been diagnosed? Also, like, how does it affect you when it comes to interacting with females? I was diagnosed with Aspergers 4 years ago and it all of a sudden made sense why I have such...
  17. lonelyistheworld

    [Blackpill] It's socially acceptable to mock people with autism.

    Most people with autism are straight white males so they don't matter in the eyes of "tolerant" liberal societies. It's perfectly socially acceptable to mock the autistic. Autistic is the new word normies use to describe anything they view as stupid.