1. chudur-budur

    [Soy] JFL just got banned on /r/Braincels by some butt-hurt curry

    I went to cuckitt after an FBIcel fiasco. Now I am banned there. JFL @ those cucks who can't even handle stupid toilet humors.
  2. Gengar

    [Venting] You will not be forgotten

    We will not forget you @Ritalincel. May they unban you one day.
  3. Xenocel

    [Serious] Is it bannable to ascend?

    What if someone of us ascended and wanted to share his story here. Would that be considered ''bragging''?thx!
  4. chudur-budur

    [It's Over] Can imgur ban my account?

    I can't login to my imgur account anymore. For obvious reasons, I have curated all sorts of fucked up shit over the years. But I kept them private. When I am trying to go the login page, nothing there. This fucking entire world is run by cucks. You can't just win, pack up, go home. It's over.
  5. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] ban sexual behavior

    All sexual behavior is degenerate and should be banned. It would be a good thing for humanity to die off because life is suffering. Procreation is the ultimate act of selfishness. Imagine all the people burning in Hell right now because selfish women couldn't just keep their legs shut. Do you...
  6. iblamemyself

    [JFL] People requesting IP bans

    I notice a funny trend on this board. People asking for IP bans in order to study or to be "protected from the black pill suifuel". Even people who are about to rope do. Why, so that their ghost cannot log into the account? What the hell is going on? Are we that addictive? Kek