1. mcfroggy

    [Based] No matter how much you looksmax, if you don't have the right mannerisms you're toast

    If you have shitty posture, can't walk loosely and confidently, voice isn't projected and with good rhythm/variations, are clumsy, flinch when ppl touch you... Etc then you're never going to ascend. These little things give you away and ppl steer clear because they feel like they've been...
  2. Eskimocel

    [Blackpill] [LifeFuel] Blackpilled replies on a reddit dating post.

    Post in question regarding the blackpilled comments. Just exist mode showing how easy they find BF's thinking it works for others Proof 6/10 gets laid and calls himself average(shows delusion) HUGE BLACKPILLS: Sneaky bluepiller got disproved in the comments anyways: Fucking lold...
  3. DarkMTS_57

    [Media] Best of Eggy; The Eggman

    Bringing some hot beats by the EggLord himself. Take the Eggpill. Enjoy.
  4. DarkMTS_57

    [Media] Incel Lullabys

    I´ll share some music that i found on YTB, that is very heart wrecking, and yet it sounds so good. Enjoy.
  5. seija

    [Media] I'm currently watch a Tim Pool video about the #MeToo movement

    Tim Pool just uploaded a new video and I'm currently watching it right now. This video involves the #MeToo movement and how it is starting to backfire on women, men are currently starting to sue women for defamation because of this movement. The #MeToo movement has started to backfire. The...
  6. DarkMTS_57

    [Based] Hall Of Heroes: Memorial

    They went as they lived. R.I.P Eric Harris ( Columbine: Natural Selector ) Dylan Klebold ( Columbine: Wrath ) Marc Lepine ( Montreal: Foid Slayer ) Elliot Rodger ( Isla Vista Supreme Gentleman: Thot Slayer ) Steven Paddock ( Las Vegas: Cowboy Retribution ) Scott Beierle ( Yoga Basedcel...
  7. Eskimocel

    [LifeFuel] [Based] Chinacels use facial recognition to detect if your girlfriend has done porn.

    BASED chinacels trying to see if they have done any porn and report back to the boyfriends.

    [Based] Real meaning of the word PERSONALITY. P=(8L + 2B)/10

    A lot of incels here seem bluepilled about the term personality. just like the blackpill says don't believe what normscum and foids tell you just watch what they do, similarly for personality don't take their definition, try to make sense of what they mean by the word PERSONALITY because...
  9. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] Why is Trump so BASED?

  10. UnfortunatelyINCEL98

    DONT LAY DOWN AND ROT...Give NORMIES a reason to suffer

    Normies and Normies ONLY IF BEING TRUECEL BECOMES TOO MUCH.... You will be the first ones to know.....I Believe Violence is the only WAY to get NORMIES TO BELIEVE That Incel/TRUECEL IS a big problem.. If i were to snap Etched in my Firearm shall be UnfortunatelyIncel98 And i shall only go for...
  11. NekoStance

    [News] Tyrone gets cuck'd and murders wife then turns gun on himself

    But survives Brother is in hospital, serious condition and shit yeh he survived, but maybe he's gonna wish he hadn't...