1. Ritalincel

    [Story] l*dditor finds out his "depressed" fiance was and still is riding the cock carousel after 10 years of beta providing haHA

    TL;DR; OP finds out his LTR of 10 years was sleeping with another man and immediately broke up with her. Upon investigation he then finds out she had lied to him about being orphaned, and raped in the past, and having money stolen from her by her foster father so she could gst sympathy and free...
  2. Cleftcel

    [Media] WWE in Uganda Parliament

  3. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] Does this count as a dickpill?

    Hey Tyrone, Jamal and Deshawn! Check out my daughter Hannah's cool party trick! Thread starterqwep Start dateToday at 4:27 AM TagsNone Jump to newWatch qwep Erudite JoinedAug 13, 2018Messages1,077 Today at 4:27 AM Add bookmark #1 Okay ill be heading off for the night but youse are more...
  4. Incellectual

    [JFL] Not getting banned and/or warned is easy as fuck

    Just don't post anything thats against the rules LMFAO :feelskek: :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: All you have to do is not personally piss off mods how hard can that be :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: Just make sure you don't mention anything not allowed and you'll be...
  5. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Serious] The BBC said it wan't to talk with me

    I said "Fuck you nigga, I ain't talking with you, you bitch ass nigga"
  6. CyborgIncel

    [JFL] Family adopts a live-in braindead BBC bull

    Just look at the way his sister looks at him. Look at how close they are. You just KNOW. And she wants to take guardianship of him. So she can have that BBC on tap. Foids would rather be with a mentally retarded Tyrone than with you. The father looks like the stereotypical cuck, and JFL at...
  7. yungcel

    Tyrone vs Chad

    KSI vs Logan Paul on 25th August Who do you think is going to win?
  8. Robo Sapien

    [NSFW] JBB Confirmed!

    Look at all these buxom white hotties that the average BBC get's the sleep with boyos! It's the fall of western civilization! That high lay count is EXCLUSIVELY HOT ATTRACTIVE WHITE WOMEN!
  9. C

    [Blackpill] "All woman are sluts"

    This guy is a turbo normie, but I love his videos because he's so woke to the ways of woman. When an incel says something like this, its easy to discredit it as the rambling of a bitter virgin, but this is straight from the horse handlers mouth. I'm beginning to realize that Chads actually agree...