1. Phaoni

    [Blackpill] Being Incel is an Economic Death Sentence

    I work in a beer warehouse. We lift beer cases on pallets and send them to delivery trucks. I checked employee performance yesterday when leaving work. Every incel on the team scored lower than their attractive counterparts. These attractive coworkers have no difficulty finding matches and...
  2. Henry de Montherlant

    [JFL] Beer made of Top Model Vaginas secretions now for sale Your thoughts ? :feelskek: Would you take a glimpse ?:chad:
  3. ToxicAlcoholSyndrome

    [JFL] Any Fellow Alcoholcels?

    Just wondering if any of my fellow incel-brothers here drink any sort of alcoholic beverages? I've always been a Budweiser, Michelob Ultra, PBR, etc. kind of guy. What are you guys?