beta uprising

  1. rabitter

    [Serious] We should be raiding Food Banks instead of buying groceries

    I was doing my usual LDARing and shitposting on 8ch when I came across this: Then it came to me: why don't we incels do the same? Doesn't fucking matter. This society doesn't give a fuck about us. It is only our duty, as incels, to leechmax and deprive...
  2. Blacktarpill

    [RageFuel] Foids dont deserve me.

    Im not coping. I cannot understand why foids love alpha cunt guys. (Lets suppose that there is two guys: one alpha and one beta) They will choose the alpha guy. Without a doubt. How retarded is that?! They definitely dont deserve beta men. Fucking cum dumpsters. Omg this is pure ragefuel. I hate...
  3. M

    [LifeFuel] The true way of the incel in action

    There were a few guys like this too my primary school, there was also one gay who always hung with the girls. The "straight" guys still were gay lmao.