beta uprising

  1. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Serious] The term "Incel" has become mainstream and the blackpill will spread like a virus.

    I read people call other people an "Incel" here in europe, first it was once a month now you read stuff like "are you an incel or something teehee" on weakly bases. It has become mainstream and soon more and more people will google it and more and more will identify as one of us.
  2. rabitter

    [Serious] We should be raiding Food Banks instead of buying groceries

    I was doing my usual LDARing and shitposting on 8ch when I came across this: Then it came to me: why don't we incels do the same? Doesn't fucking matter. This society doesn't give a fuck about us. It is only our duty, as incels, to leechmax and deprive...
  3. Blacktarpill

    [RageFuel] Foids dont deserve me.

    Im not coping. I cannot understand why foids love alpha cunt guys. (Lets suppose that there is two guys: one alpha and one beta) They will choose the alpha guy. Without a doubt. How retarded is that?! They definitely dont deserve beta men. Fucking cum dumpsters. Omg this is pure ragefuel. I hate...
  4. M

    [LifeFuel] The true way of the incel in action

    There were a few guys like this too my primary school, there was also one gay who always hung with the girls. The "straight" guys still were gay lmao.