1. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] Anyone else feel betrayed by right wingers?

    I use to read a lot of conservative websites and watch their videos like Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Ben Shapiro and many others. However after Alex Minassian happened and incel became mainstream I saw how much conservatives hated loners and virgins. That in itself was a huge blackpill for me. I...
  2. M

    [SuicideFuel] The one Female friend I thought I had wronged me

    This is a Tl:dR Let's call her Jane. I talk to Jane online, she knows about my struggles and everything. She disagrees with blackpill and stuff but never shunned or judged me for believing in it, we are (were) close as fuck, shared lots of stuff and everything. Anyway, I've mentioned her in my...