big cope

  1. Clock Tower

    [Serious] Can I eat whatever I want as long as I eat on a deficit?

    I crave cheesecake so badly. I haven't consumed sugar in a long time. I've been eating around 800-900 calories a day for the last three months. It honestly started to get extremely boring since sugar was my favorite cope when I was extremely heavy. I want to have a full day of dessert at least...
  2. AutistLinuxCel

    [JFL] Created a coping mechanism courtesy of Cortana

    I know it's dumb. But we all have our coping mechanism. This just happens to be mine. It took a little bit of experimenting with IFTTT & Cortana, but it worked.
  3. BlkPillPres

    [Blackpill] Inceldom Is Actually A Blessing In Disguise (If You Let It Be)

    Made this thread to respond to a specific post that I thinks need to be addressed because it reflects the general mindset of a lot of the incels on this site (incels in general actually). Its a false mindset, you guys clearly haven't "studied" and interacted with normies enough to see whats...