1. SergeantIncel

    [News] One year anniversary of the site & Survey results

    One year anniversary of! It's been exactly 365 days since /r/incels was unfairly banned by reddit and this platform you are now in was created. A big thank you to all users who make up the community and to all mods who help keep the peace around. Curiously, we're just about to hit...
  2. Disabed_gamer

    [RageFuel] Couldnt even say thank you for wishing her a happy birthday!

    So I' ve been talking to this chick i meet on pof a few months ago. I feel out of contact with her and then found her on facebook and had a few (what i thought was) good conversations with her about old animes and shit. Well today I wished her a happy birthday bc well it was her birthday but i...