black pill

  1. dyellow

    [Blackpill] Sportspill(its over for highschoolcels)

    If you were ugly AND bad at sports your status in highschool was negative. Being athletic is pretty much one of the best traits of good genetics(of course that's not the only one), it can really raise your status, just look at all the famous athletes, even the ugly ones get tons of ladies(not...
  2. Eskimocel

    [Blackpill] Your sisters life is the way your looksmatch is living.

    Some here have twin sisters(not entirely twin but there are alot of similarities). In my opinion this is the same as your looksmatch. Looksmatch would mean basically someone borderline identical to you in terms of looks, financial status, social status etc Look at the difference between YOU...
  3. Snowman888

    [Serious] We are Fucked up For the rest of our life , right?

    It is a personal doubt that surrounds my head, what do you think? :blackpill::feelsugh:
  4. BurakuminBibba

    red pilled video games

    " the digital society furthers human flaws and selectively rewards development of convenient half truths " " be nice to other people, but beat out the competition" "you're special believe in yourself and you will succeed but its obvious from the start only a few can succeed" watch this video...
  5. IamLost

    [Serious] Do you ever want to have children? And do your parents want you to have children?

    My parents want me to have children. I guess it's the primal urge to perpetuate your genetic line. But you need a woman to do this, so it's not even possible for me. I wish my parents would finally accept reality and shut up. But if I could get a woman, I would like to have children. But it...
  6. Friedman

    [Blackpill] Let's think for a second...

    I took the blackpill recently and then I discovered the Incels, I know very well what is going on your minds: rage, bitterness, stress, depression, anxiety, sometimes I have rage attacks, the desperation, loosing the will to live and all that stuff and it's very relatable to me. I'm a teenager...
  7. SpartanGasp

    [Serious] How did you guys discover the blackpill?

    I discovered the black pill through the MGTOW community.
  8. Hail The Bloatlord

    [Blackpill] If your oneitis calls you back years later, RUN!

    Ok, let's say you had a oneitis for years, and you were "such a good friend", then life brought you apart. Years later she drops in town, calls you, meets you at a party and wants to talk to you, whatever... You might even be over her, and take it as a chance to see an old friend. DON'T. What's...
  9. T

    [Venting] We need to "Bomb First" when it comes to Cucktears and the whores they defend.

    You claim to be an intellect but I fucked you oneitis, we bust on Cucktears niggah fuck for life. Cucktears are obsessed with incels. If they are so intellectually, morally, and socially superior, why are the spending a large portion of their time making videos and reddit post about anonymous...
  10. LittleBoy

    [Blackpill] Black Pill Articles - Black Pill Fuel
  11. M

    Even being a millionaire won't get you pussy if you're a manlet. Lots of theories disproved.

    Femoidal organisms with the average SMV index of 2 - 4 / 10 were shown a group of men and had to pick who they would date. The range of heights was 5 foot to 6 foot 2. Femoids were told that the 5 foot man had an MD, was a best selling author and a champion skier. Yet their primitive shallow...
  12. averageblokecel

    [Blackpill] Penis size

    It's time to adress this issue If you swallowed the blackpill you should know that penis size does indeed matter, but how much should it measure? According to this article, ideal penis size for women is between 6.3...
  13. chadlandic

    [Blackpill] The Wall Cope

    If you have been on any MGTOW page you probably heard about 'the wall' concept, many of us are blackpilled enough to know that, more than half of MGTOWs are incels in denial. The wall theory suggests that at a certain age a female's value drops beyond recovery and she is unwanted by most men...
  14. armentho

    [Serious] respect can be forced and can be a choose,then is obligatory,but love and attraction cant be forced ,so nobody is entitled to it

    if you truly believe that attraction is something that is only based in a combination of genetics,cultural constructs of beaty and some look then you cant criticize people for not wanting to have sex with you ,because isnt in their control a big mistake of inceldom is that we mistake respect...
  15. MSCW

    [Blackpill] Don't worry Billy, College will be better.

    This is what happens when Billy Bird wants to fit with slayers. Picture of Billy Bird back in the day : Picture of one of the slayer. You know who he is. Now look at him : HE IS ONLY 45 YEARS OLD !! See how he premature aging. People would say get over it bro it was a long time...
  16. Bronzehawkattack

    [Blackpill] Asian foids are statistically the biggest race traitors of all (Ricecels GTFIH)

    To basically summarize some of the data for you; 73% of Asian women stated a racial preference. The group which preferred the same race only at the lowest % were Asian women at a pitiful 6% The group which preferred the same race only at the highest % were white women, at a whopping 65% (Almost...
  17. Ains2a1

    Am i an incel?

    Virgin at 18, all my hobbies are 90% male and up, never had a girlfriend, also never got a hand job but i was home schooled through all of high school and didn't have many girls to approach. my arab neighbor said he would kill me if i even make a move on his older(23 y.o.) sister and all the...
  18. P

    [Blackpill] Inceltears will deny this

    Just LOL if you still deny JBW
  19. S

    [It's Over] It's over if you're not a chad-mallard.

    Brutal Blackpill straight from the animal kingdom - only Chad-Ducks get females. Wtf do the rest do? They gang rape. I don't condone that shit no matter what but damn...Nature is "fuckin LIT" :lul::lul: (In b4 NYPost is only good enough to wipe your ass with.)...
  20. Bronzehawkattack

    [Blackpill] Lets Break Down "Just Be White" Theory.

    This will be a relatively short thread compared to the longer race pill threads since “Just Be White” theory is simple. This is directed towards normies and whitecels who seem to clearly not understand what “Just Be White” theory is and constantly take issue with the idea that whites...