1. Cashyfon

    [Blackpill] The 97% Pill

    There are over 7.7 billion people in this world, slightly less than half (let's say 3.84 billion) of which are foids. For this, we won't focus on the 40-42 million escorts and actual paid prostitutes, still leaving us with about 3.8 billion people. Of that 3.8 billion, 97% fulfill the almighty...
  2. cookie33

    [Blackpill] Tier List of Blackpills and Copes

    I wanted to make a tier list of the different blackpills and copes that are frequently mentioned in the incel community. I know I am going to get a lot of hate for this, but if you think it should be different or that there's stuff missing, then you can just make a better one. The blackpill...
  3. littlemanhikicel

    [Blackpill] Christianity is a religion of whores

    one of the characters is maria magdalena( Idk how spell her name in english) was a prostitute. Then if you see how all the "conservative" foids are whores no matter her religion and what about all that todays older foids that in younger ages fuck with priests around the world? theres a lot of...
  4. littlemanhikicel

    [Blackpill] Priest are hated for "voluntary celibacy" and

    for their looks. All the priest that I've known are manlets even the young ones. With incel faces all of them. Frameless and squeaky voice. And of course aside of their looks is too for the dogma that crashes against the actual degeneracy of western "people" even most than for the pedophilia...
  5. PolishMisanthrope

    [Serious] We are the Übermenschen

    Over a century ago, Friedrich Nietzsche (if you look at his pictures, you can tell he was a fellow sub-5) speculated in his book Thus Spoke Zarathustra about the future of humanity. More precisely, he set a goal for humankind, or, if we interpret this in a certain way, predicted its future. He...
  6. littlemanhikicel

    [Blackpill] I think we are the last generation of heterosexual ugly males.

    Think about it. We are here while the younger boys get strogen due to (((propaganda))) or parents that put that without their consent when they are childs. Then the soy boys are cucked or castrated psychologically. A huge portion of actual young males are "gay" or "bi" (I think the bi guys...
  7. cookie33

    [Gaming] Roast the person above you forum game

    Since this thread popped up recently in Meta/Suggestions, and that admins allowed them in the Off-Topic section, I had an idea to make a forum game thread where you roast/degrade the person above you. This is the literal opposite of bragging/humble bragging, so I'd imagine it be within the...
  8. Intellectual NPC

    [Blackpill] For those of you who thought voice depth doesn't matter

    I made a thread about this before and had way too many people being skeptical about the effect of voice depth in attractiveness. Well, I got reminded of it and decided to do some research. This confirms that voice depth does matter when it comes to males. As it stands, voice is the most...
  9. littlemanhikicel

    [Blackpill] Foids are more homophobics than males

    When heterosexuals are alone, sooner or later the theme of gays comes out. Men often take it with humor and often say "more women will be left to me" instead women who have heard about it often do so with a tragic tone. For example, a young foid said to another foid that she had gone to a store...
  10. littlemanhikicel

    [Blackpill] The desire to live is very strong, I do not believe that male suicide increases brutally, due to the lack of sex with women, but rather

    that men will look for alternatives as is already happening. For example, apart from the fact that prostitution is increasingly common in young boys here in Spain for example, also the number of boys becoming transsexuals or becoming gay is increasing a lot. I have listened to conversations...
  11. littlemanhikicel

    [Blackpill] Religion only fits with patriarchy

    -Thing about how debilitated is christianity in the west. A matriarchy or a consumist society don't fit with patriarchy and religion. Especially religion. Thats why theres a lot of emphasis in reduce religion to something sticky with the patriarchy and therefore misogynist,evil... Thats why is...
  12. Blackpincel

    [It's Over] My sister decided to make a fake Tinder account using my pics, and got no matches; Witnesses the Blackpill but is still in denial, virtue signalling

    As I said in previous threads, some people in my family know I identify myself as an Incel. A few weeks ago I went in a rant during a conversation, dropping Blackpill bombs and telling her how looks are almost the only thing that matters for Foids these days, especially on dating apps. I also...
  13. Intellectual NPC

    [Blackpill] Why does nobody talk about voice depth?

    Honest question. It's so bizarre that so many people are talking about dog theory but nobody mentions the benefit of having a deeper voice. It signals more masculinity, hence more testosterone and more health. Men with deeper voices are revered and girls with soft voices are lovely. What are...
  14. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Blackpill] [Agepill] Agepill is worse then everything else.

    My parents got frkn married at my age those boomerparents are the worst. They lived live on just exist mode. And we have to suffer a worse fate than death. But the most brutal agepill is the early twenties when people finnish highschool and "live their lives" and you lose any opertunity to get...
  15. littlemanhikicel

    [Venting] All the hostility with which I have been treated, thanks to the blackpill I now know that it is due to my physical appearance

    I'm aware of this 100% since 2 years ago. Thanks to the blackpill I can tell you that all the hostility, jokes, bad looks towards me were due to my physical appearance, especially height when we come in therms of respect. If the ppl found that you're single automatically you're off, the little...
  16. littlemanhikicel

    Study: Men are smarter than women

    Study: Men are smarter than women The research, published in the British Journal of Psychology, establishes that female representatives are smarter until they are 16 years old; between that age and 21 the level is matched and afterwards, they surpass them. August 25, 2005 | 17:40 | ANSA...
  17. anon1822

    Look at yourself in the mirror deeply, for ~1 minute

    I did it and it kinda creeped me out. I then understood foids and why they don't like me. Shit, this is pretty disgusting. There's nothing to be liked about this.
  18. CreepElite

    Accepting futility and becoming real

    I have been having conversations and debates regarding inceldom and related topics on anonymous forums for years. I've poken to literally thousands of people about these matters, most apparently my own countrymen, but many from far away lands, and all walks of life. Here are some conclusions...
  19. NotQuiteChadLite

    [Hypocrisy] Women cry about “objectification” but they do it to men, only worse

    When men “objectify” women, it’s actually more like “appreciation” because if a woman is missing certain traits that men tend to objectify, that doesn’t necessarily mean the woman is undesirable. She is just more desirable, with those traits. You see this all the time, with ugly, short, flat...
  20. starystulejarz

    [Blackpill] Foid covers a song = at least 1 mil views, incel/normie covers a song = less than 2k views

    and some incels get as low as below 100 views. JFL that 300k dude was only exception on this list only because it got viral since he is really talented unlike those attention seeking whores 4.4 fucking million views