1. littlemanhikicel

    [Blackpill] if a woman tells you that you are gay, she does it for virtue signal and thus not to appear rude to others

    instead of saying that you are ugly. That way she has a pretext to avoid you. It's as if she said "if he were straight maybe ... but as he is or he seems ..." There is no way to convince anyone if they do not see you at any given moment with a girl. It's over if they've never seen you as a...
  2. ShadowScale

    [Blackpill] the starepill

    look at these chad Hollywood actors: Now look at these guys: I'll tell you the difference (in the looks), its the stare! If you have what self-help pseudo psychologist scammers call ''reptillian stare'' YOU ARE FUCKED! You can be the most good, ethical and moral...
  3. DarkMTS_57

    [Blackpill] Alpha & Beta Males. Personality Types

    If you´ve been following my recent posts regarding Alex. In this post i´ll share some of his best videos to date, addressing and discussing the Alpha & Beta personality traits. You´re either born one or the other. Watch these videos, since they´re very informative and will increase...
  4. Anoncel123

    The phases of taking the blackpill (Poll)

    In which of these phases are you now? 1. Rage: This is the phase when you encounter for the first time with the blackpill knowledge. You realise that the world it's cruel with bad-looking people, that hypergamy and lookism it's everywhere, that the only thing that matters in the dating game...
  5. DarkMTS_57

    [Blackpill] Female Nature, All Women are Whores

    Alex brings the Blackpill once again. Watch these, they will improve many things on your life. Learn what are the motivations behind the Whore. Subscribe to Alex, everyone.
  6. DarkMTS_57

    [Blackpill] Essential Self-Awareness To The Mind

    Raise your IQ and self awareness by watching this great man i found on YTB several years ago. It is important to open your ears and mind and take a close listen to what he is bringing forth to you. Subscribe to Alex On Life, Its his channel.
  7. DarkMTS_57

    [Media] Best of Eggy; The Eggman

    Bringing some hot beats by the EggLord himself. Take the Eggpill. Enjoy.
  8. DarkMTS_57

    [Blackpill] Inceldom Anthem; War against degeneracy, Blackpill Hatred

    Release Thy Hatred.
  9. DarkMTS_57

    [Media] Incel Lullabys

    I´ll share some music that i found on YTB, that is very heart wrecking, and yet it sounds so good. Enjoy.
  10. DarkMTS_57

    [Blackpill] DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything

    I encourage everyone to check this Webtoon out. It is of utmost importance since it realizes all that has been talked about for years.
  11. DarkMTS_57

    [Based] Hall Of Heroes: Memorial

    They went as they lived. R.I.P Eric Harris ( Columbine: Natural Selector ) Dylan Klebold ( Columbine: Wrath ) Marc Lepine ( Montreal: Foid Slayer ) Elliot Rodger ( Isla Vista Supreme Gentleman: Thot Slayer ) Steven Paddock ( Las Vegas: Cowboy Retribution ) Scott Beierle ( Yoga Basedcel...
  12. starystulejarz

    [Blackpill] Daily reminder that Chad doesn't need foreplay.

    Within 0.02ms after seeing Chad foids brain will activate pathway in her vagina to start making lubricant, Chad's face is most natural and free way to make any foid wet. While normie need to do long foreplay (submitting to foid by making her more important than yourself) to make her just a bit...
  13. littlemanhikicel

    [Blackpill] In this cucked society foids are consumers and men are products (even ugly foids have the same economic sexual power than stacy)

    We already know that foids only care about looks. We... with the difference that we are more flexible AND that foids are the choosers and we right now are the beggars. But the real point of this thread is that even a shitty looking foid right here and right now have the option of been the...
  14. littlemanhikicel

    [Blackpill] Ethnic men don't are NEVER 10/10 , the roof is 8/10 for them

    blacks or ethnics don't are 10/10 never. they can be 8/10 thats the roof for them. Thats why you can see white foids with ugly black gorilas like this couple: (the black dude is not that bad , I'm lazy for search better examples ) the reason 10/10 only goes for whites is because all the ppl...
  15. Eskimocel

    [LifeFuel] [Based] Chinacels use facial recognition to detect if your girlfriend has done porn.

    BASED chinacels trying to see if they have done any porn and report back to the boyfriends.
  16. Eskimocel

    [Serious] You now have 1 million people that are blackpilled and follow you as the leader. What do you do?

    What are you going to do with them? Are you going to make sure you gain some sort of media influence through all of those 1 million people spreading the blackpill on kikebook, instagram and snapchat? Taking a slow and steady approach to influence the young. Are you going to arm them and go all...
  17. starystulejarz

    [RageFuel] Two foids bully incel in the interview.

    Just because he is low SMV he is worth less than garbage. While they don't treat baddly dude who had a wife. In the trailer below you could see how highly they think of themselves, how egoistic and narcissistic they are, they are not females they are vapid, vindictive and weak imitation of male...
  18. Eskimocel

    [Blackpill] Your sisters life is the way your looksmatch is living.

    Some here have twin sisters(not entirely twin but there are alot of similarities). In my opinion this is the same as your looksmatch. Looksmatch would mean basically someone borderline identical to you in terms of looks, financial status, social status etc Look at the difference between YOU...
  19. Cashyfon

    [Blackpill] The 97% Pill

    There are over 7.7 billion people in this world, slightly less than half (let's say 3.84 billion) of which are foids. For this, we won't focus on the 40-42 million escorts and actual paid prostitutes, still leaving us with about 3.8 billion people. Of that 3.8 billion, 97% fulfill the almighty...
  20. cookie33

    [Blackpill] Tier List of Blackpills and Copes

    I wanted to make a tier list of the different blackpills and copes that are frequently mentioned in the incel community. I know I am going to get a lot of hate for this, but if you think it should be different or that there's stuff missing, then you can just make a better one. The blackpill...