1. lonelyistheworld

    different offtopic boards?

    I was thinking instead of having a single offtopic board we could have multiple ones for peoples interests. For example we could have one for anime, one for video games, one for politics ect. At the moment offtopic feels like a bit of a mess tbh.
  2. iblamemyself

    Do you ignore someone?

    Do you ignore any user here and if yes whom and why? I do not ignore anyone. Wouldn't know why I would do that.
  3. VST

    Should we have an actual looksmaxxing board?

    Like seriously, a lot of incels could easily become a 5-6/10 with some hardcore looksmaxxing, just look at looksmaxxed bo2cel, he could easily get a gf. Looksmaxxing is legit as long as you don't have actual physical deformities.