1. chudur-budur

    [News] I have found some great merchandise for truecels, every truecel should own these.

    Caucasoid Body Jacket (extremely helpful for shitskins): Mutant Green Body Jacket: And last but not the least, the Scroten'tote (a.k.a. ballsack-backpack): Get yours today!! Caucasoid body jacket: Ballsack-backpack...
  2. jerrycan dan

    human body easter egg found

    when you brush your teeth using a toothbrush without toothpaste, your saliva forms a toothpaste like foam wtf this is pretty neat some studies have shown that brushing your teeth without toothpaste is more or less as effective as using toothpaste as well
  3. P

    Females with odd sexual attractions?

    So I'm into big girls. People would probably say I have a fat fetish. I also have an accent fetish. A pee fetish. An underarm fetish. Feet fetish. But then again I'm not sure if in 2018 these are just considered preferences nowadays. In going with that I definitely am attracted to some women...