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  1. Mixedcel

    [News] World Health Organization: "Inability to find a sexual partner is a disability" What do you think about this? Do you see it a good thing?
  2. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Serious] The ultimate incel trait being an ugly male.

    This is such a BRUTAL BLACKPILL if you have this ONE TRAIT this is why youre incel because of this one trait. Its called "male ugliness" its when you have an x and a y chromosom and your body and face does not follow the rules of the golden ratio. The trait is an genetic disorder witch is in...
  3. slyfishman

    [Blackpill] Its over

    It's over It's all over Everything is done for. I am done for. We are all done for No one will ever get back up No incel no blackpilled no ugly no man with little social skills no man no one other then chad man there is no chance even if you get a femoid it will not only be yours...
  4. L Lawliet

    [Meme] Breaking News