1. MSCW

    [It's Over] I didn't see that docu. Weed would like it

    It's like watching an animal documentary. The videos are very old (2010). If you're reading me, it's not your fault.
  2. narcissist

    [SuicideFuel] Last night I dreamt of having a normal chin and jaw.

    Seeing my profile shot and not being disgusted felt like a high, it was a dopamine hit like effect. Seeing that I was cured of looking like a fucking goblin made me so fucking happy. I had a confidence boost in the morning until 20 mins later it all came crashing down and I realised it was just...
  3. narcissist

    [Serious] Thinking about my chin almost drives me to tears

    My chin is fucking disgusting and weak, just thinking about it makes me sad, I know people see me on the street and it's the first thing they see, it's so emmasculating even though I have normal t levels and am gymcelling. :feelsrope:
  4. narcissist

    [Serious] If you don't have a weak chin...

    If you don't have a weak chin you're a fakecel. Chincels are almost always truecels and living with a weak chin is torture.