cope cope cope

  1. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Cope] Is it over if you did not try seamaxxing/thirdworldmaxxing?

    I mean if youre white or have money here in the west it means shit but in africa and south asia it doesnt has to be over. I mean maybe its just the west. We dont know how beautistandards of other races a benifitial to us. A dark asian girl with normal weight is hot to me. I have no problem with...
  2. Cleftcel

    [LifeFuel] gymcels post today's workout

    Trap bar deficit DL barbell overhead press barbell upright rows stiff-arm pulldown lateral pulldown (Behind neck) dumbbell raises-rear and lateral then did my first ever neck workout- neck curls, reverse neck curls, lateral neck curls. No foids around atleast although some pakicels may of been...
  3. SoyUnPerdedor

    [Based] dabbing on the mods with this low effort thread

  4. Ritalincel

    JFL at reddit neeks using memes sourced from R9k as "proof" of them being "chad"

    forced meme by R9k beta orbiter tranny enabler numale cucks
  5. EthnicelNL

    [LDAR] [Weebcels GTFIH] Jap tv series about an incel

    Now im not a weebcel but i used to watch anime/weebshit and listen to jpop in my younger years :lul: But even then I always liked this 12 episode japanese tv series called Densha Otoko. Check it out, its bluepilled soy, but every trucel will be able to relate in some way to the main character...
  6. Kurdish_Incel

    [JFL] I found a way to become chad (new cope)

    Appearantly the government has lied to us (common convincing technique). We actually can change our dna code so we can become Chads/Slayers. You have to be really open-minded to believe this (or low iq). How does it work? Humans appearantly can control their brains when meditating enough and...
  7. hehe xd

    [Blackpill] why do wh*tecels get offended when incels call them out for their bullshit?

    whites have objectively better life and are more wanted in the sexual market, even bo2cel got tons of matches in asia, we arent trying to shame u or make u feel bad, juat trying to get u off this community because u waste ur time here LARPing as incel when in reality u are just lazy or poor it...