cope for manlets

  1. icantgetgirls

    [Experiment] Is My Friend a Manlet?

    I have a pretty cool friend on discord and we always play games and chill but he thinks hes tall, He is 5'8, I'm not entirely sure he is a manlet, anyone know if he is?
  2. manlet cUnt

    [LifeFuel] FiveFourManlet GTFIH. you are not incel because of your height

    holy shit look at the two girls throughout this entire interview. they couldnt make it anymore obvious they both want his manlet roided dick @0:15 the chick on the right her eyes bulge out of her sockets for a moment and then proceeds to scan down and have a good stare at his rig @0:41 the...
  3. C

    [LDAR] I've given up gymceling...

    There's no gym for my face or height so im done wasting hours in the gym and kitchen just to impress other guys. Over the past months ive been slowly moving away from the obsessive gymcel mindset. im done compensating, i looked fucking ridiculous lol. im not as big anymore but i havent fully...
  4. umbrfeio2

    [LifeFuel] hope for manlets

    do calisthenics 5'3" 5'5"