1. seija

    [Venting] Is Buddhism avaricious?

    I know that I'll get shit on for this just for the title, just hear me out. Buddhism tells others to be enlightened, being enlightened in Buddhism is having the desire for nothing. No materialistic items, no money, no women, no value, etc. But if you're so desperate to be enlightened, isn't...
  2. ThirdWorldcel

    [It's Over] r/PurplePillDebate is the saddest & cringiest sub I've ever seen

    Makes IT look somewhat less pathetic in comparison, the entire sub consists of: Oldcels who recognize female hypergamy and the gynocentric sexual marketplace, yet somehow this hasn't been an impediment for them to develop a very elaborated sexual false consciousness about their sexual success...
  3. seija

    [Media] Anime Megathread

    Watching anime is probably the only true cope for me. I'm currently watching Welcome to the NHK and I'm currently on episode 11.
  4. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Cope] Who has watched shinsekai yori

    Its an anime every incel should watch, its one of the most blackpilled masterpieces. Its about eugenics, genitical engineering and the beta upspring. Or you just could say its about the future.
  5. Cleftcel

    [Experiment] What animal would you like to be reincarnated as?

    For me it would be something that can fly, maybe an eagle or perhaps something alpha like a gorilla who gets a whole load of female gorillas to himself or a lion who has a similar arrangement
  6. Incellectual

    [Cope] alcoholmaxxing

    god I fucking love alcohol. I've been drinkmaxxing recently (I'm literally alcohol maxxing rn I'm super drunk) and I love it. idk why I didn't invest in this sooner tbhtbh. anyone else drink a lot :feelsLSD:I've been weedcoping for ages but mixing it with alcohol is great. now that I'm turning...
  7. Mixedcel

    [Experiment] What is your biggest cope?

    Mine is definitely music. I don't know what would I do without it.
  8. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Do you have post count you'd like to reach?

    What is it ? Or is post count cope?
  9. Cleftcel

    I fuckin love ebaycelling

    You can temporarily distract yourself from your misery by consuming material objects. I just bought a stainless steel protein shaker ( avoid plastics, causes cancer and infertility) and 4KG weight gainer powder :feelsokman:. Made any purchases lately that you are particularly happy about...
  10. Cleftcel

    [Cope] (gymcelling) I really enjoy pre-exhaustion supersets tbh

    Any fellow gymcellers ever try them e.g. dumbbell side lateral followed immediately by a barbell or dumbbell press, or perhaps leg curls followed by stiff-legged deadlifts. I don't know what would of happened to me over the last number of years if I didn't have my ever-faithful cope of...
  11. Cleftcel

    [Media] tfw you complete a game and your life loses all meaning

    Just completed GT5 recently and now I don't know what to do with my time. I thought because it was at like 60% that there was many more missions to come, maybe with that Mexican mob guy or something ( I chose to kill Devin btw, who the fuck would chose to kill my niggahs Trevor or Michael?) I...
  12. Klikklakkek

    [Serious] Question for other gymcels

    Do you use the gym as a cope or are you actually trying to gym/bodymaxx originally for me when I had hope I thought bodymaxxing would be the way to go (turns out it's not) so it's more a thing of routine for me and allows me to just listen music and concentrate on something (cope af ik)
  13. Gengar

    [Venting] How delusional is your family?

    During the summer of the last year I was on some stupid trip with grandma to my cousin's place. We were on some sort of celebration and we were sitting at the table with other people waiting for food to arrive. While we were waiting there two 8/10 Stacies, literally dressed as sluts, literally...
  14. littlemanhikicel

    [Experiment] I would like you to tell me copes that are free or very economical

    Title. and btw which means NSFW.
  15. Cleftcel

    [LifeFuel] Awesome cope that i've never heard mentioned here. Everyone gtfih

    Brain games For free you get limited access but for a price that works out at about 5euro per month you get full access, really fun and you can actually feel the benefits tbh My favs are word bubbles and raindrops Maybe you've played before? whats your favourite...
  16. chudur-budur

    [JFL] TRP/PUAs swallowing the tinderpill through their jacked gymcelled anus so that they can cope really hard

    JFL @ these morons. Link to original thread. I have collected some solid copes, feel free to add more. Cope No. 1: Life is competitive as in dating Cope No. 2: Women are competing for high value men, not the other way around. Cope No. 3: Stop using tinder (all your redpill copes fall...
  17. Gengar

    [JFL] Is wall one of the biggest copes out there?

    I seriously can't think of a cope that defeats wall (of copes for those who have swallowed the blackpill, which excludes "muh personality" for instance) in terms of coping. JFL imagine coping this hard.
  18. 50yroldcel

    [Meme] Ok so after doing research I’ve found my two favourite memes

    As a oldcel who only joined here 3 weeks ago, I didn’t know what on Earth memes were and had only heard about them on this site. So I asked people for their favourite memes and decided to do research to find my favourite memes and here are my two favourite memes: Pepe the Frog Wojak(normal and...
  19. LDARBuddah

    [LifeFuel] Theres no better cure for anxiety than gymcelling

    Its The best cope. Seriously, today i felt like my anxiety was killing me. I went down to the gym with a gallon of water doing pure strength training for 1 and a half hour. Now coming home i feel fucking reinvigorated. I can feel my T levels going through the roof. The exhaustion you feel when...
  20. FrustratedWhiteMale

    I'm Going To France With My Girlfriend (Vicariously)

    I am watching travel videos with my high end sex doll. Here are our advantages: No long lines No lost luggage No missing the flight No need to leave the house I can cuddle with her when watching the landmarks. No need to fasten the seatbelt when the plane takes off I save lots of money. A trip...