1. Dark-Hatred

    [Cope] Just Sell Kinky Shit, bro

    So I pointed out in a tweet that a woman can sell her bath water and make $30 a pop but I sure as shit can't sell my bath water to a Stacy now can I? Bit of a double standard from society. And when I pointed this out a woman commented that kinks have always existed and thus people capitalized on...
  2. PollockCel

    Does work help with loneliness?

    I am currently not working, never been in a position where i have been dependant on myself for income. Does work help with all the time you have as an incel? I will just add that i do have some buddies, no meaningful or stable friendships tho and i am not even going to start with romantic...
  3. mcfroggy

    [Discussion] Do you have skincare routine?

    My skin is basically the only GL thing about me, after years of trying different stuff its finally clear. Makes me rage how normies only have to try like 3 products before their skin gets better. What's your routine, if you got one? Bioderma water cleanser Bioderma light cream Aloe gel Skin aqua...
  4. Dark-Hatred

    [Cope] Insanitymaxxing.

    I may or may not start insanitymaxxing. Reality can't hurt me if it's not real... right? Right? R̸͕͚̻̃̈́̂̓̐͘i̵̪̲̪̹͔̺̭̻͙͓̻͋g̸̨̛͚̜̩͓̥̪̟̤͍̱̻͂̋̈͒̽̚h̷̡̥̣͎͓͇̳̥͉͖͚̺͗ţ̵̛̹̬̙̲̬̰̩͇͈͙̗̆̓̽?̷̙̲̘̩̻͗̈ I know this is a bit of a shit-post. But I legit wish there was a way I could impact reality. It feels like...
  5. PollockCel

    Lucid dreaming is amazing

    I recommend all of you work on it, i had one today. Its an amazing feeling to have sex in a lucid dream, its much diffrent then masturbation imo. We have so much free time, might as well train this skill. Its not easy and it takes some time but trust me its so amazing. And you can do so many...
  6. PollockCel

    Am i degenerate?

    Am I a degenerate for running away into alcohol and drugs(weed mostly, tried some other stuff as well) in the face of this inceldom? Should i go to a psychiatrist ?
  7. Robobrain

    [Discussion] The known types of MGTOWs

    There are two known types of mgtows. 1- the boomers: they're mostly rich or at least have no financial problems, they're the ones who tell you, just pump and dump brother and talk about spinning plates and whatnot, some of them are bitter because they got divorce raped in their 3rd marriage and...
  8. seija

    [Discussion] [Cope] If you had to choose to enter a world of your choosing

    Which one would you pick, it can be anything tbh. If I had to choose it would be Gensokyo to meet my waifu or the universe of Kill la Kill.
  9. seija

    [Cope] It's comfy postmaxxing in bed

    I don't know why it's comfy to postmaxx while lying down in bed but it simply is. Its even better when you don't truly feel tired, well not really tbh. But LDARing while postmaxxing is still good shit regardless.
  10. seija

    [Discussion] Incel Trait/Autistic Trait: Watching or listening to the same videos over and over again

    I'm just wondering if this is an incel trait or an autistic trait because if I enjoy something I'll listen to it over and over again, maybe around an estimated 20-100 times before switching to another video that I find interesting and doing the same thing. Mostly asking because I've been...
  11. seija

    [Cope] >tfw 6666 posts

    I got quads boyos, bow down to me. :feelshehe::feelshehe::feelshehe::feelshehe::feelshehe::feelshehe::feelzez::feelzez::feelzez::feelzez::feelzez::feelzez:
  12. seija

    [Based] Oh shit @Insomniac about to reach the 1000 hours mark

    I just checked the members list out of boredom and seen @Insomniac with almost 1000 hours. Wouldn't be surprised if hits 1000 hours once I wake up tbh.
  13. littlemanhikicel

    [Cope] Social collapse is cope

    If society collapses, I have bad news for us. It will be a much worse scenario than now. And is a cope due to TRIBALISM. "Tribalism is the state of being organized by, or advocating for, tribes or tribal lifestyles. Human evolution has primarily occurred...
  14. seija

    [Cope] Does anybody download their music off of JewTube?

    I mean use a program and just download all the music that you like with a program so you don't have to go on JewTube to listen to it, you don't even need internet to listen to music, thats good if you have shitty internet connection, sounds pretty based if you ask me.
  15. littlemanhikicel

    [Cope] I'm using classic theme for first time lol

    I was near to use the drak one but I click on this and liked more. In a future I will end using the dark theme. what theme do you use?
  16. seija

    [LifeFuel] [Based] [Cope] NEET Anthem for NEETcels

  17. littlemanhikicel

    [Cope] Do you do mental dancing?

    I never been in a disco , only in some pubs and theres little space to dance or too high inhib to do it. So since some years ago listen to techno music I usually imagine myself dancing in a disco and being the center of atention and imagining having a gf dancing with me ,etc. It's autistic, but...
  18. littlemanhikicel

    [Based] Based anime escene Otokojuku

    to have context see minute 1:30 to the end , is based srs.
  19. Wyatt Kaesar

    Is MGTOW really MCTOW?

    referring to "Men Coping Their Own Way" or is there some truth in escaping from the samsara of desire for foids and instead cutting them off, not giving a shit about how many holes Chad is fucking on tinder or whatever. then once you've hermited suficiently just moneymaxx and hedonmaxx.
  20. littlemanhikicel

    [NSFW] I found an interesting website (no porn)

    https: // You can find there info about a lot of heroes of diferent countries.