1. L Lawliet

    Goverments should add new crimes to their organic laws

    Crimes raised with freedom bullshit.This 'freedom' brought more unhappiness to world.If you look at the society you can see a lot of alone incel males(even normies who don't know meaning of"incel" or denying it with saying "I have other goals maybe in future...") while good looking guys and...
  2. L Lawliet

    [RageFuel] Secret High Crimes in Society

    >Cheating >Past hiders(until 25 or marriage) => hymen reconstruction >Cuckoldery >Slutty Clothes=Dark Age times=muh civilization Society don't give a fuck about them.Normally peoples who are making this crimes need to be punish.They punished in past if we look (example)Turkish morals ,we can...
  3. L Lawliet

    [Serious] What is your punishments for social crimes if you become president?

    (missing ones for me) Social Crime degrees 1)All Rapists=All Cheaters(Adultery) ---> execute by firing squad or aggravated life imprisonment 2)False witness for crime(fake rape,fake steal etc.) ------> eye for an eye + (if witness and ringleader alive)Social exclusion 3)Lying about...