1. Mixedcel

    [LifeFuel] r/Cuckold

    This is by far the most entertaining subreddit I've ever seen. When I look at these cucks all I can think is, "At least my situation to get a woman isn't that desperate." :feelsgah:
  2. Ugly_equals_Death

    [JFL] If you hate cucks get in here.

    Skip to 3:40 Just look at the cuck overplaying his reaction that his wife falls in the arms of another man. You can see the pain in his eyes :lul:. Omg a celebrity fucks my wife how cool is that :soy: :lul::lul::lul: Celebritychad steals your bitch away in matter of seconds.
  3. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Serious] People who "run" or "ride bikes for sport" are fucking cucks.

    Every cuck i know who makes sport does smth like marathon or bike races. And why are those fags allways manletts. If you are a runner manlettism is the biggest handycap. I dont fucking understand it. There are studies who show that long distance running is unhealthy and lowers your testosteron...
  4. chudur-budur

    [JFL] Cucks from the Army celebrating their cuckery on imgur

    Link (If embedding does not work) The OP is the primordial cuck who has shared his ""wife"" at least twice. Fun fact, cucks regret if their wives don't get shagged enough by other guys (I didn't know that!!). But anyway, these people are working for their """country""", to export liberty...
  5. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Serious] People from IT envy us.

    Think about it in a psychological way. It is very often that gay-hating people are try to compensate their own homosexuality. And IT members are obvious Incels, none of them has any sexual succes for sure. (I know cucks like them, they score last) The envy us because we say openly what they...
  6. Braincel14w

    [Serious] Porn is cuck simulation

    Everyone who watches other men dick a foid is a cuck. Just lol at thinking you are better than a cuck because you only watch other dicks fucking and being sucked on a screen rather than IRL. POV is no exception. It's not your dick you're looking at it's another man's and it's far bigger than...
  7. Adolf_Hitler

    The American Democratic Federalist Labor Party

    I will propose a new party draft in the coming years to hopefully build the foundations for a new American political party. This party shall cover the following ideological principles and goals which will hopefully develop into something well-known locally and possibly abroad. I have posted this...
  8. Gengar

    [Soy] IncelTears idiots don't get it

  9. Gengar

    Would you be a bull if you were Chad?

    If you were Chad would you accept requests to be someone's bull? I would not because that's degenerate.
  10. chudur-budur

    [LifeFuel] Roastie gets HIV from her past dicks, cuck hubby takes care of her and a currycel asks for bobs, vegene and sax

    Degenerate dick rider roastie gets HIV from one of her numerous past dicks, tries to infect her current hubby but fails, makes a YT video for internet points: And then, all of a sudden, a curry appears out of nowhere and asks for bobs, vegene and sax. Thus the cycle completes.
  11. Sadness

    [Soy] Cuck writes an article about his open marriage

    Warning: Brain cell hazard! "As I write this, my children are asleep in their room, Loretta Lynn is on the stereo, and my wife is out on a date with a man named Paulo. It’s her second date this week; her fourth this month so far. If it goes like the others, she’ll come home in the middle of the...
  12. Gengar

    [Experiment] An idea on how to troll IT

    I've got an idea. Someone should go on IT and argue with cucks by posting blackpilled Qur'an quotes and quotes from other Holy Texts of Islam to see how CuckTears react. Would be fun to see ngl, and tbh I'd do it but am too lazy.
  13. universallyabhorred

    [Blackpill] Why Betabux Is Better Than Being Incel

    Most guys can be betabux even many sub4s can successfully, it does not necessarily require one to be rich, but you need to have a stable job. There are many advantages to being betabux the first is you get sex even if it is not enthusiastic and you have to be under a female's thumb ,obeying her...
  14. Gengar

    [LDAR] This thread is r/IncelTears

    Let's have a fun. Post as if this thread were r/Cuckold... uhm I mean r/IncelTears. Also don't forget to end sarcastic posts with "/soy" to make sure everyone gets you don't really mean it xD. Oopsie, I have to go now, Mr. Tyrone came to fix the plumbs (my wife helps him, checkmate stupid...
  15. Gengar

    [Blackpill] So you think foids live on "just exist" mode?

    JFL stop coping. Ever heard of hentai? Yep, they don't even have to exist and they'll be worshiped because majority of males are cucks.
  16. Gengar

    [LDAR] Is he(?) going to lose his crown soon?

    It seems that @Ritalincel is going to be overthrown by @Insomniac, a mere Octobercel pretty soon. Watch out, @Ritalincel.
  17. Gengar

    [JFL] Cucktear thinks humans breathe water

    This is so funny I had to post it here. :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:
  18. Gengar

    [Soy] You go gurl

  19. Gengar

    [Blackpill] Behold, the power of foids!

    Sharing great experiment from r/Braincels here.
  20. chudur-budur

    [JFL] It's really fucking over for DDoScels, never began.

    Yo motherfuckers! Kiss our virgin subhuman asses. You won't get any pussy, you are just wasting your time and effort with all your 50gb DDoS. Yea, we feel your pain. It's over for you boyos, pack up, go home. Do the shit that you all motherfuckers are good at -- DDoS isn't your thing...