1. EthnicelNL

    [JFL] Cuck wastes 10 years of his life on a cheating cunt who doesnt give him pussy

    JFL. This is what's waiting for those who ascend :soy::soy::soy:
  2. EthnicelNL

    [JFL] Cuck proudly posts on reddit about having to babysit his gf's son

    while she's probably out in the club sucking off a dozen Chads and Tyrones :soy::soy::soy: :soy::soy::soy:
  3. Cleftcel


    Are you aware of this subreddit?(female incel page) they call men moids and male Roasties are 'wursties' kek. They also fall for the meme that we all want Stacey and we all handsome young men whose indolence and toxic personalities are why we're incels
  4. Cleftcel

    [Serious] How would you feel if was banned???

    Apparantly the friendly neighbourhood cucks over at inceltears tried to take us down. They can kill this site but they will never destroy the hate within the soul of every subhuman incel. HighIQcels what are the chances of this place getting shut down fo real?
  5. mylifeistrash

    /r/transpassing, sub full of delusional beta cuck white guys who couldn't handle life, so they tried to become women

    but now they look like insane fucking monsters in make-up and gyno that they try and pass for tits.