1. chudur-budur

    [LifeFuel] This is how you fuck with a cucktears roastie

    It's a follow up from a previous thread made by @OverBeforeItBegan I was just doing some casual fucking a cucktear roastie, I thought I should share. The fucking her up...
  2. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] LMAO!!! every single normie thinks they're chad

    To any normies reading this. Rate yourself out of ten. Now subtract 4 points because your self esteem is way too high. Your probably a 4/10 now. Your not a chad, not even close. No. Having a few girlfriends and occasionally having sex does not make you chad. A chad is at least an 8/10. I bet...
  3. lonelyistheworld

    this is what cucktears do on Saturday nights