1. EthnicelNL

    [TeeHee] Reddit cuck matches with normal western foid on Tinder

    Over. Over. Over.
  2. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] hating cunts is so liberating

    Society worships cunts like perfect goddesses. There is nothing more sacred and precious than a cunt. I use to be a cuck that respected women. But now hating them feels so good.
  3. lonelyistheworld

    [RageFuel] The 80/20 rule is proof that modern women are shit human beings.

    "Women don't like you because of your terrible personality." DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT CAUSE AND EFFECT IS? Also maybe YOU should work on your shit personality, CUNT. Women think they are better than 80% of men and disregard them as garbage. It's funny they think so highly of themselves when...