1. Blackpincel

    [Serious] [Request] Evidence or data about Incel suicides/ropings

    Hello there friendcels, I would like to retrieve as much information as possible about male individuals who either identified themselves as Incels, or were notoriously unattractive or socially maladjusted, who commited suicide; Or individuals who fit that description some of you guys think...
  2. CountFapula

    [Blackpill] Call me fucking surprised: married men earns more than everyone else.

    Just more data to prove that hypergamy is really a thing (and there's no hope if you're poor). Source
  3. Limerencel

    [PROOF] There are no female incels

    There are no female incels. My theory: Tinder and other dating apps commoditized dating. The result of it can be seen in this chart; the lower tier of men got no poon whatsoever, while the opposite is true for femoids. Every single femoid can and now does get laid. Source: Thread on Twitter