1. seija

    [LifeFuel] It has been scientifically proven that every second that people do indeed die.

    Imagine the death of so many normalfags and even imagine the deaths of many foids that occur every second, that honestly is enough lifefuel to keep me from ropeing.
  2. Transcended Trucel

    [Experiment] If you could choose to be reincarnated as Chad or be erased which would you choose?

    ^ Your 90 years old on a hospital bed. Your dying in the hospital all alone. A divine voice which you instinctively feel power from asks you if you wish to be reincarnated as Chad or be erased. What will you choose?
  3. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Blackpill] Looksmaxxing does only work if you already good looking [water is still wet]

    The most important flaws cant be fixed. Shit eye area => no fix Manlettism => no real fix (LL might work but your frame and arms will still be shit) Narrow shoulders => no fix Race => no real fix (bleaching only works if youre not too dark and i causes cancer etc) Small dick => no fix...
  4. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] Revenge of the cuck... mirror: gfycat
  5. BlackPilledKira

    [Serious] At what age do you think you'll rope?

    Lets not kid ourselves here, after 21 your hope of ever integrating into society as a normal functional human being are pretty much over. I'll be a 22 year old kissless virgin in a few weeks and have started seriously seeing suicide in the upcoming future, there's simply no way to cope happily...
  6. stuttercel

    [SuicideFuel] If you are over 26 GTFIH

    and compare your life with Chico absolute suifuel
  7. chudur-budur

    [RageFuel] Today my dad passed away, and my cuck brother could not fucking give us a call because his whore wife doesn't want him to

    Today my father passed away, he has been struggling in the intensive care unit for the last three days but the doctors could not save him, he was like 80+ old anyway. I am not feeling sad at all, well I am not feeling anything. Only regret that we wanted to bury him in the curryland, but for...
  8. WarriorSkull

    What Will They Write On Your Tombstone After You Rope?

  9. S

    [Blackpill] is thanos a friendzone cuck?.

    i ask, because the only reason he wanted to get rid of half of the population in the universe. is because he's obssessed with a female version of death...
  10. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] death is certain

    It doesn't matter how much you achieve in life because everyone is going to die eventually and nothing will matter when your dead.
  11. Henry de Montherlant

    [Experiment] Incel Sentenced to death Dilemma

    You're an incel prisonner in a kind of "experimental prison". You're sentenced to death for "reasons". Your life will end in one hour according to the judge. The executionner is already preparing his stuffs. In your cell, you're remembering the whole boring French movie that has been "your...
  12. lonelyistheworld

    [Blackpill] reminder that normalfags hate you

    It doesn't matter how moderate you are. You are a low status male. Normalfags hate you. Society wants to exploit you and women want you dead. There is no point in trying to appease them.
  13. BrokenRotten

    [NSFW] Got a little present for you guys

    Not sure how many of you know this site; but its a fantastic way to watch women being killed/dying in accidents/etc. Just a search term to get you started. Its been up for a long time and there are many many entries of a wide variety.
  14. lonelyistheworld

    [Blackpill] not hating women is cope

    You like to believe that some women are alright and that someday a miracle will happen and you will be loved. COPE! ALL WOMEN ARE SOULLESS WHORES!!!!
  15. Jockcel

    [Serious] How does it make you feel?

    that your suffering will only last a few decades at most and then an eternity of either salvation or nothingness (both of which are WAY better than inceldom) await you?