1. Gengar

    [Venting] How delusional is your family?

    During the summer of the last year I was on some stupid trip with grandma to my cousin's place. We were on some sort of celebration and we were sitting at the table with other people waiting for food to arrive. While we were waiting there two 8/10 Stacies, literally dressed as sluts, literally...
  2. Cerebral hypoxia

    [Experiment] I googled "dating study" and looked through the articles displayed on the first page to see how many confirmed the blackpill

    All websites were either liberal or centrist. Zero contained bluepilled evidence. Denying the blackpill in 2k18 is absolutely delusional
  3. chudur-budur

    [RageFuel] Fat fucking ugly hairy ass stinky currybitch goblin venting about curry subhumanity LMAO

    JFL at this fat fucking ugly hairy ass stinky curry goblin bitch complaining about curry subhumanity: This is the author, just look at her fucking face, literal fucking curry is oozing from her...