1. nxdismycope

    [RageFuel] let me analyze for you the number of rape-divorce. G T F I H .

    heard today about an distant relative. lucky me my family gossip about everything so it wasnt hard to get all the numbers, i asked my mom here a question and my brother there and slowly slowly i got the full story without them thinking im weird af about it. what its like to get divorce-rape...
  2. iblamemyself

    [RageFuel] "Father of 9 Divorces Wife After Finding Out He Had Been Sterile for Most of His Life"

    Warning: Potent ER fuel. Been lurking on r/mgtow again (yeah I know) and found this gem. Fucking unbelievable. A husband in Morocco has nine kids with his wife, at least he thought so, but "after undergoing a routine health checkup, the man allegedly learned that he had been sterile for most of...