elliot rodger

  1. seija

    [Media] [Meme] I just found this song about Elliot Rodger

    I honestly think its some shitty meme parody about Elliot Rodger's sexual interests. The only good part is at the end or the middle-end. The beginning just has some annoying screeches or repeats and drags on the same lines. Its kind of funny ngl. I honestly thought posting it here, hoping to...
  2. neet

    Celebrate Saint Elliot's Day, 23 May

    About 2 weeks it is Saint Elliot's Day again. 5 years later. I'm grab a beer, chill out and reading his manifesto. What you're doing?
  3. Sniffles

    [LifeFuel] Elliot's astronimcally high iq massive brain idea that will help everyone get closer to perfect living.

    So elliot had a brilliant idea. I'll paste the gist of it from an article I found. In all of its exhaustively detailed pages, no woman actually rejected him. The closest he came to speaking with a woman he desired was to say "hi" to one he passed randomly. When she didn’t respond, he wrote that...
  4. Mavenes

    [Blackpill] My fake account of Elliot Rodger on Lovoo in Italy

    Since many people call him good-looking and blamed his alleged mental problems if he was a virgin, I created a fake account of Elliot Rodger on Lovoo in Italy. Lovoo is a popular dating app in Italy. Nobody in Italy knows Elliot Rodger. I used his best photos that I found on internet in which...
  5. edgecel14

    [Experiment] Trench Coat Triad (What if Elliot Rodger met Seung Cho)

    I wonder what would it be like if ER and Cho met, ER is more like Eric in that he was sociopathy(like a psychopath but with neurotic behavior) but more like Dylan(Kike and White) being mixed race(ER was Chink and White). Cho was bipolar like Dylann but was not a mongrel.
  6. Percolator

    [Serious] Do you think ER's dad lurks on the incel forums ?

    Surely he knows his son has become an icon for the incels. Surely he knows about St Elliot. Surely he knows about going ER. Or maybe he copes by pretending it's not happening.
  7. lonelyistheworld

    [Media] Anyone else cry every time?