1. chudur-budur

    [TeeHee] Sandwhore likes to spread her legs to fart and piss in front of her white chad while making eye contact

    Ethnic sandwhores like to act like dogs in front of their white chads. @tehgymcel420 what is your thought on this?
  2. Transcended Trucel

    [It's Over] The fate of the religous ethnic muslim subhuman

    The ethnic SUBHUMAN is born to subhuman parents. His parents mutilate his genitals when he is only an infant cause an invisible man in the sky told them to. He is raised in a family which tells him to STUDY and STUDY AND STUDY, he tries to do sports but his parents beat him and exhort him to...
  3. chudur-budur

    [RageFuel] Ethnic bipedal-hippo consults her dog on how to reject ethnic men and ride white cocks = racepill + dogpill

    This ethnic bipedal-hippo is consulting her dog to reject ethnic men so that she can marry a white normie. and this is what she locked down -- @tehgymcel420
  4. SoyUnPerdedor

    [LDAR] why do ethnics love anime?

    either it be here, or IRL ethnics tend to watch anime. specially ethnic incels
  5. skyrimcel

    [JFL] Why are curries so cucked?

    A short currywhore smacks around a grown policeman curry.
  6. EthnicelNL

    [SuicideFuel] (Movie) Lawrence of Arabia brutal JBWpill from 1962 (ETHNICS GTFIH)

    Just watched this classic movie for the first time. They might aswell call it Chad of Arabia. Its about this 10/10 blonde blue eyed British Chad constantly mogging every subhuman ethnic in the movie. He cant act, speaks like a sperging autist most of the time but still manages to survive and be...

    [Blackpill] Love isn't made for ethnics

    Alsalamualaikum. I wanted to remind all my ethnic fellows here that love isn't made for us. Love is made by and ONLY for white people. We never read in our history about love, just arrange marriage and concubines. Love is a foreign concept to us only discovered after contact with the whites...
  8. EthnicelNL

    [Blackpill] [RacePill] Swedish footballer with Turkish roots racially abused after mistake (Deathnics GTFIH) Top fucking lol at that that deathnic representing Sweden. He makes a costly mistake in the world cup and all of a sudden he is a "dirty Arab" and a "terrorist". He...
  9. Danecel

    Using the incel argument with race included can make even the most SJWiest person turn into a right wing nazi, it offenses everyone

    The secret to this is to use an incel argument from the perspective of an ethnic black guy or middle eastern guy that can't get laid. This move makes both /pol/ alt right types and SJW's angry, and pisses of normalfags I have offended dozens of white people by this. Even the SJW's know deep...