extremely gay thread

  1. allbluee

    [Blackpill] This is Knajjd when he sees someone bragging - over for braggercels

    Even my bae knajjd can turn from an angel to an angry cop. How? Just brag bro. True alpha angry BBC COP.
  2. Zesto

    [Experiment] Why Am I The Only One On This Whole Site With Original Waifus?

    I'm sure if I never posted here you would've never seen a single Hotaru Shidare pic, and you certainly wouldn'tve seen an Owari Hajime one. Nishinotouin and Midari definitely just me as well. Yet you can find generic loli #5830 @Godzuki @Themisterpepsi @stuttercel @Facade @Raiden You can...
  3. Weed

    Are you a dogcel or a catcel? Comment "meow" or "woof"

  4. TakaRyo

    [Serious] What are your fantasies if you were megachad?

    If you woke up tomorrow as a gigachad, what would you do? What are your fantasies?
  5. everythingislava

    [JFL] knajjd is the most dangerous mod

    Him being so damn cute leads otherwise honorable members to behave badly just to get his attention.. Rest in peace @Luxity Another victim can be seen here - rip @overlystinkypants And not only is he luring people into the trap of getting banned as the kawaii shouta siren that he is, his...
  6. ValiantThor2

    Which user would you like to be friends with irl?

    Mines would be @Adoring Fan. I like him because of his mediator type character & supportive gestures. Seems like he'd make a good friend. What about yours?
  7. Weed

    Anyone else getting high tonight? Tbh

    Anyone anyone? It is 8AM here now and I am gonna drop acid + weed this evening at about 11PM tbhtbh. Anyone? Tbhtbh
  8. NEETAndTidy

    [SuicideFuel] This we site is seriously going downhill faster than a landslide

    From the factions To the Japan obsessed shitposters To the nofap cult To the just absolute cringe posting by all the newer users and even some established ones This place is starting to just look like /b/ :feelsbadman::feelscry::feelsrope: I dont even like looking at the replies to posts...
  9. Zesto

    [Serious] A Message from the Captain (and Acting Leader) of the RDF Zesto, We Are Going On A 30 Day Strike

    We are very upset at how we feel we've been treated. And to show our displeasure I am calling RDF members to join me on a 30 day strike. No lurking, no logging in. Complete ghost for 30 days. In solidarity with @Insalsa our leader. And also @UltraFayJr. If you are a member of the RDF I...
  10. Genecel


  11. M

    I will sui this year

    I promise. I won't let you guys down