1. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Serious] Why are you bashing escortcells?

    Why do so much incels think "escortcells are fakecells" every incel can fuck an escort it is nothing compared to normal vanilla sex with jb virgin staicy. If you think tallcells escortcells and whitecells are fakecells, how do you explain this: Does he look like a fakecell to you? He is for...
  2. Eskimocel

    [Experiment] [POLL]Should people that have had non escort sex be allowed?

    I would go for NO. We come here to be with others that are on the same boat and are looking for sex outside of escorts. I envy those who have had the slightest sexual contact outside of escorts. What do you think? Also for anyone that says yes, couldnt this be also done on r/MGTOW? Just a...
  3. SergeantIncel

    [News] One year anniversary of the site & Survey results

    One year anniversary of Incels.is! It's been exactly 365 days since /r/incels was unfairly banned by reddit and this platform you are now in was created. A big thank you to all users who make up the community and to all mods who help keep the peace around. Curiously, we're just about to hit...
  4. MarriedAndLookin4Fun

    [Meme] incels.me in mid 2k18

  5. F

    [RageFuel] The mentalcels here trigger me so much

    Not the diagnosed aspies like @Twisted or @Enigmatic93 (@Enigmatic ?) who are genuinely disadvantaged (the latter has looks and mental disadvantages), but the self-diagnosed 5+ guys. I won't put him on blast cuz I don't hate him, I am just angry at my situation but I got a PM from a 6.5-7/10...
  6. T

    [Serious] I Don't Think That I Will Be Back

    I don't think that I will ever be coming back here, and that is because when I was out at the mall today I met a hot Asian girl with a nice ass and I got her number. So I am going to where this goes. So goodbye, and I hope that you all get laid soon.