fakecels out

  1. Cleftcel

    [Hypocrisy] Every single one of us has sucked on tiddies tbh

    and had our peepee soaped up by a foid. when we were kids
  2. EthnicelNL

    [It's Over] [Ban LARPers] Only Normies/Chadlites here talk about "Ascending"

    Stop fucking coping. I see another thread about ascension and you boyos need to realise that a TRUE incel can NEVER ASCEND. If anyone here "ascends", it means you never were really incel. Just an ungrateful normie/chadlite that thinks the fact he cannot be gigaChad means he is also LE INCEL...
  3. WorldRulerAisha

    [Experiment] User @whogiveafucc Tinder Experiment come see the 3.5/10 truecel in action(GTFIH)

    So I decided to use @whogivesafucc shit selfies put my location to Brooklyn, NY. This is the profile I used: something only a aspie can make. I swiped like 150+ for only ONE day and this was all I can get: not chad tier but still more then any ACTUAL truecel will get in his entire life. Also...