1. chudur-budur

    [Experiment] Plane-fapping-curry or ATM-fapping-curry?

    After seeing the ATM-fapping-curry, I am planning to change my avi. I need your vote folks. Plane fapping curry: Low inhib god, got naked while watching porn in full volume and fapped in front of his fellow passangers, also tried to "attack" a flight attendant roastie. File photo...
  2. chudur-budur

    [LifeFuel] Finally my plane fapping curry wears a santa hat and ascends in this holiday season

    Balding plane fapping curry: Plane fapping curry wears a santa hat: And then he ascends: His wish came true.
  3. chudur-budur

    [LifeFuel] My plane fapping curry wears a Santa hat

    Plane fapping curry with Santa hat: Balding plane fapping curry: @Templarcel421
  4. chudur-budur

    [Story] If a black whore doesn't leave the room as soon as she notices you, you are not a truecel

    Today I went to uni because I had to do some stuffs. In my department building, there is a student lounge where we have some desktop machines and students can go there and work or hang-out. During the summer time most labs are closed, and I need to get access to some of the servers that I can't...
  5. Vainglorious

    POLL: What Do You Use as a Cum Rag?

    If I have one near by, I like using a paper towel so I can throw it away. It's better than toilet paper or tissue which sticks to my dick. But half the time I use whatever dirty clothes laying closest, mostly t-shirt, underwear, or socks. When I first started, I kept an old pair of boxers...
  6. Vainglorious

    POLL: Has Anyone Ever Caught You Fapping?

    My father walked in on me a few times--a couple in my bedroom and once in the bathroom. The first time I was 14 and super embarrassed. After that time, I was just annoyed and then bought a lock for my bedroom door. My little cousin did once, too. I was 15; she was 11. She told on me. I...
  7. Vainglorious

    POLL: When Did You Start Fapping?

    I was 11.
  8. VST

    [Venting] Fapping is my only cope.

    As the title states fapping is my only cope, the only emotions I have these days are anger and depression. To stop the anger from coming out and doing something irrational I fap AT LEAST once a day, then again I cannot stop because I am addicted.