1. Bangkok or bust

    An obese woman losing weight and getting healthy = equal to a fit average guy winning the lotto millions

    I have no other analogy. Its true. i grew up as a skinny teen and early 20's then a SLIM guy through the remainder most of my 20's. But from ages 28 until 33 I struggled with being overweight. but i never reached anything close to obesity despite having a nearly completely sedentary...
  2. Bangkok or bust

    There is little hope for any of us to get a thin, plain caucasian girlfriend.

    There were fat girls in my college days back in the middle to late 1990's, but they were rare enough that if you saw one you’d point her out, and it was second nature to avoid her (about 1 in 10 young women were overweight). Thin girls were in such abundance that you would judge faces and...
  3. Bangkok or bust

    Fat Hogs complain that good looking men are shallow for not finding them attractive

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/8688546/men-refuse-date-women-over-size-8/?utm_campaign=sunmainfacebook220319&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1553273877 And women should date fat, ugly bald men under 5ft7.... these mens looks shouldn't make any difference. the sound of...
  4. Gengar

    [Soy] You go gurl

  5. Gengar

    [Serious] Can chad be fat?

    By fat I don't mean obese, I mean chubby or a little bit over that. I'd say yes because (Un)Holy Trinity (Face, Height and Frame) can be exhibited even if a male is overweight. It's all about bones.
  6. Guccicel

    [Venting] Just get me out of this game, dude

    So today I was in school, told my teacher I couldn’t do le biology homework, as link wasn’t working and I tried to send an email to but went to the wrong address cause the school’s servers are shitty, said there was a “picture” (literally a picture with the word Protein highlighted about 8...
  7. thosewhosin

    [RageFuel] Weight Vs. Height

    I myself am average height usually taller than most girls, sometimes same height and rarely encounter taller. I find the double standards of females quite interesting as imagine a world in which you ask a woman do they think weight matters... a normie response would be "its about the person"...
  8. VST

    Fat women are walking red flags.

    This video sums it up nicely: If you can't watch it then here is a quick summary: Fat women are sensualists. They cannot control their desire for food so how can they control they desire for Chad?
  9. Redpill Robert

    [Serious] Why do fat ugly girls always fabricate stories about guys hitting on them?

    And complain about "creepers hitting on them" and shit? I mean you notice that hot girls DON'T do this shit. I had a pretty funny experience involving this kind of thing recently. Long story short, I work at a pizza place. There's this morbidly obese guy there named Jake (who also fucking...