1. Eskimocel

    [RageFuel] Keep in mind. Women want you to mog them through makeup, heels and surgery. Because they think thats how they REALLY look like.

    Everywhere you go a women is bound to have one of those things. For example in the gym she would have makeup, surgery but no heels. But for going outside she would have all 3 and she expects you to mog her while having all of them on as they wont settle for their TRUE looksmatch. Women...
  2. Friedman

    [Blackpill] Let's think for a second...

    I took the blackpill recently and then I discovered the Incels, I know very well what is going on your minds: rage, bitterness, stress, depression, anxiety, sometimes I have rage attacks, the desperation, loosing the will to live and all that stuff and it's very relatable to me. I'm a teenager...
  3. L Lawliet

    [Hypocrisy] of femoids/normies

  4. chadlandic

    [Meme] Build Your Gf (low functioning autism posting)

    You got 250$ -Face- Pretty eyes 50$ Cute plump lips 50$ Small upturned nose 50$ Lucious, soft, long hair 50$ -Body- Medium sized perky boobs 20$ Big natural boobs 20$ Small waist 20$ Wide hips 20$ Toned, nice butt 20$ Big ass 20$ Small, pretty feet 20$ Bronze skin 10$ Pale skin 10$...
  5. chadlandic

    Post the ugliest woman you find and

    Answer if you'd fuck or settle down for her. (no deformed, burn victim foids, just naturally ugly, fat, unkept ones)
  6. _wifebeater_

    [Serious] Once Backpill, Always Blackpill?

    Do you think taking the Blackpill can be undone? I think it isn't possible. Even if tomorrow a 10/10 Femoid would be interested in me, i couldn't have a healthy relationship, because I'm way too blackpilled.
  7. R

    It was what I wanted

    lo soportó todo lo que pudo ...
  8. Intent

    [Serious] Incels Are Winning

    AHAHAHAHAHA these femoids have stooped to sucking up one another with their implicit defense mechanism, they know it's all too fucking true, they aren't even trying to pent up a valid argumemt at this point
  9. Limerencel

    [PROOF] There are no female incels

    There are no female incels. My theory: Tinder and other dating apps commoditized dating. The result of it can be seen in this chart; the lower tier of men got no poon whatsoever, while the opposite is true for femoids. Every single femoid can and now does get laid. Source: Thread on Twitter
  10. slyfishman

    [Blackpill] Its over

    It's over It's all over Everything is done for. I am done for. We are all done for No one will ever get back up No incel no blackpilled no ugly no man with little social skills no man no one other then chad man there is no chance even if you get a femoid it will not only be yours...
  11. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Can femoids spot a virgin?

    Do you think as they're walking down the street they have senses which are highly-tuned enough to spot a virgin
  12. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Anyone else look at non-sexual images of women?

    e.g. older women in summer dress etc or is it just me ik this probably verges on femoid worship
  13. VST

    [JFL] Female advice

    >We don't like nice guys >We like alpha males but to get a gf you need to: >Be nice >Be yourself, AKA do not try being alpha. Remind me again, why should we be listening to female advice?