1. SniiperCel

    [Serious] Lowkey Gymcel Tale and Currycel Pal

    Was a frail boy in middle school, foids basically ignored me and paid me no mind. Ethnic as well, so I constantly lost to Chad, and even the Tyrones of my own race still managed to swoon the underdeveloped Stacys. In the middle of 9th grade, believe it or not, I took the blackpill and became a...
  2. seija

    [RageFuel] [News] Noodlewhore Yandere Foid stabs a Japanese Male

    "On 23 May 2019, a 21-year-old Japanese woman was arrested in Tokyo for attempted murder of a male acquaintance. They were not known to be involved romantically. The Japanese woman, Yuka Takaoka, called the police after the stabbing. She was later photographed sitting and smoking on the...
  3. Fufu

    [Serious] Gook foids are nowhere near as good as cucks would like you to think

    As a mutt myself (gook dad and white mom), I've had many experiences with foids of both variants in my life. Now white foids are exactly as you expect; basic clueless cock hoarders with no ambitions or any real contributions to the world. However for whatever reason gook foids have an odd...
  4. B

    [SuicideFuel] School starts again tomorrow

    So yeah, school begins tomorrow yet again. Again I get to see all the chads and staceys talk to eachother and again I can see prime examples of the Blackpill all day long. I get to see the whore teachers giving the chad a pass on his bullshit and flirt with him in the breaks, see the chads get...
  5. Klikklakkek

    [RageFuel] Literally Chad lite beta buxx and attention seeking foid in the purest

    This is just ridiculous wtf
  6. Gengar

    [Blackpill] So you think foids live on "just exist" mode?

    JFL stop coping. Ever heard of hentai? Yep, they don't even have to exist and they'll be worshiped because majority of males are cucks.
  7. skyrimcel

    [Hypocrisy] Foid unpromptedly says she has a bf

    I was getting my haircut today and foid hairdresser was talking to me asking questions (Like what I do, where I am from) and shit. She seemed friendly tbh. Then I asked her a question since she was asking me things. I asked her how long she is been working there and she immediately said she has...
  8. Gengar

    [TeeHee] Reminder that femcels are foids who retweet this shit

  9. Zod

    [Blackpill] Probably the only based foid in the history of the universe (video)

    She is explaining the alpha fuxx beta buxx concept just about perfectly. The only smidge of bluepill is when she gives the beta 0.1% chance with the "saying no" part, other than that pure blackpill. Not sure if she is pretending to be this based for the views tho
  10. Guccicel

    [Venting] Just get me out of this game, dude

    So today I was in school, told my teacher I couldn’t do le biology homework, as link wasn’t working and I tried to send an email to but went to the wrong address cause the school’s servers are shitty, said there was a “picture” (literally a picture with the word Protein highlighted about 8...
  11. psilocybincel

    [Serious] Wtf is this femcel shit??

    How did this shit end up on my YouTube homepage. And who the fuck mixes crack with a weed and peyote. (In a drink nevertheless when crack is freebased cocaine intended to be smoked and cannabis will not be orally active on a usable quantity without the presence of a lipid.) Just retardation.
  12. Henry de Montherlant

    [Experiment] How many foids have you ever asked out ?

    :feelswhere:poll is anonymous
  13. Perfect_InCell

    [RageFuel] Think about all the Chads and Stacy's having sex right now!

    Just think! There are hundreds of Chad's having super happy fun time while we are browsing this forum all alone. This is an injustice to all of us! While these Chad's get to experience any woman they want and do not even appreciate them we have to sit in the shadows behind screens being forced...
  14. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [LifeFuel] [Story] Beggar applies divine justice in foid

    If divine justice exists, it was applied this morning by a dirty beggar. I was going to take the bus to go to work, there was a foid wating for the bus, it was the first time I see her there. I looked at her she looked at me, I went to the bus stop and stopped next to her, it was not so close...
  15. Robo Sapien

    [Blackpill] Why do people insist that female incels exist?

    I mean seriously, a woman can't by definition be incel. An incel is someone who has never had sex in the context of a loving consensual relationship and can't get sex in this context for the foreseeable future. Many women just have to open up their mouths and their legs, and presto, they have a...
  16. Cleftcel

    [Experiment] Normie and femoid lurkers message me

    I won't out you. I'll give you some perspective on this incel thing your trying to figure out. It'll be interesting.