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  1. Templarcel421

    [JFL] ITT post your favorite ban appeals

    This is mine I remember this guy came in and was posting like crazy. When I logged in one day and saw him banned I kek'd hard. A truecel who broke the rules nonstop.
  2. SergeantIncel

    [News] One year anniversary of the site & Survey results

    One year anniversary of! It's been exactly 365 days since /r/incels was unfairly banned by reddit and this platform you are now in was created. A big thank you to all users who make up the community and to all mods who help keep the peace around. Curiously, we're just about to hit...
  3. Mainländer

    [News] Ritalincel about to surpass Facade as the user with most posts

    How are you gonna react to this profound change in our community that will very soon take place?
  4. heroinfather

    [JFL] Look at this weak framed, nappy haired having truecel queer

    2:10 he gives us his pathetic backstry on how he was an orbiting cuckhold, this incel can't even be saved by status, fucking kek. Someone get this bluepilled incel in this forum, imagine being this autistic looking and not be blackpilled, he is also so low iq he constantly repeats himself, i...