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  1. Blacktarpill

    Nausea and Kointo

    I'm a newbie so i didn't know their existance. @SuperSaiyanGymcel told me about nausea and kointo in a thread. Can i get some more information on nov17 cels(or oldcels) about nausea and kointo? I looked at nausea's message's and his unban thread and it was confusing.
  2. Ritalincel

    [Soy] "we don't unban twice. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE INCEL"

  3. SergeantIncel

    [News] One year anniversary of the site & Survey results

    One year anniversary of! It's been exactly 365 days since /r/incels was unfairly banned by reddit and this platform you are now in was created. A big thank you to all users who make up the community and to all mods who help keep the peace around. Curiously, we're just about to hit...
  4. Mainländer

    [News] Ritalincel about to surpass Facade as the user with most posts

    How are you gonna react to this profound change in our community that will very soon take place?
  5. Crustaciouse

    [Blackpill] That feel when mods delete your threads

  6. Ritalincel

    cucked animists on cucktears eh

  7. lurker45

    If you have a 2d girl avatar, please remove it

    I'm begging you to. Here is why: 1. Anime is becoming too popular. Since 2014 or so, thanks to anime avatars and anime spammers on twitter and other sites, it's exploding in popularity and now we have the Burger King account using the term "waifu" and Elon Musk talking about catgirls. Anime is...
  8. Ritalincel

    murdered by therapists

    @fukmylyf murdered by therapists discussionThread
  9. Ritalincel


    leave some kind words for @nausea tbh