fuck this society

  1. Lubricure

    [Blackpill] Reception of the Blackpill in real life, my experience

    Today I´m going to talk about on my experience about spreading the Blackpill in real life. As I told you @The End in one of your previous threads, I was going to make this one. I would like your insights as well. Whilst I´m grateful for the opportunity of posting in what it can easily be...
  2. littlemanhikicel

    [Venting] I do not like people with disabilities In the laboral world

    I am a jobless thirty-year-old without studies. And it is quite difficult for me to find work. The works of low cognitive and quite mechanical requirements are my hope as a dishwasher. BUT every time I see offers of employment of that type it turns out that I have to have a disability of at...
  3. FrailPaleStaleMale

    [SuicideFuel] Today has been intolerable

    The weather today has been hot and sunny. While this isn’t exactly a bad thing, we all know the problem with good weather. Having to walk around, seeing all the disgusting, degenerate couples wearing almost nothing, giggling over nothing and getting all over each other. It fills me with...
  4. chachkiii

    [Experiment] would you join a sex cult?

    i'm genuinely really curious about this...i mean...charles manson was only 5'2 and he got tons of pussy
  5. S

    [Venting] Stripping in class or nude dating shows: degeneracy is everywhere and it's celebrated

    Today I saw three ragefueling things: the first were two clips of femoid sluts doing what they do naturally in class. One was stripping and showing off her tits, supposedly in a 'modern art class' (with stripping music and all). The second was a femoid slut asking her teacher a question while...