1. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Venting] Being ugly is the same as been handicapped but no one will try to make things easier for you...

    It's actually the opposite, people are going to make things even worse for you, and this is what makes me really fucking angry, because those shitty normies, at least most of them, would not pass the leg on someone blind, take advantage of someone deaf, put obstacles in front of a person that...
  2. Zod

    [SuicideFuel] Inceldom and hearing loss

    That's why I was gone for a while, I had yet another panic attack episode only this time it didn't go exactly smooth, I got a strong ringing sound in my left ear after which I couldn't hear shit on that ear. Long story short, after going to all the doctors etc, I lost about 70% hearing...
  3. chudur-budur

    [JFL] White Girls Fuck Dogs (WGFD)

    A beautiful music video made by a based incel. A must watch for all workers of the republic who working hard day and night to spread this extremely potent blackpill. Hope this video will keep their spirits up. Enjoy! https://www.bitchute.com/video/6CTwmOz0IwB2/ White girls fuck dogs ...
  4. chudur-budur

    [Experiment] I just got a nice idea of fucking with puas

    After watching this video, I went to the rooshv forum for the first time. Holy fuck, never realized there can be a place that is more retarded than TRP. Thousands of incels in denials are coping and larping day and night and talking about game and frame. Not only that, it's a huge business...
  5. lonelyistheworld

    [Venting] destroy the family

    Honestly I can't think of anything I despise more than the concept of family. The family unit is a disgusting cancer that should be destroyed. I hope every family is forever ruined and thrown into Hell. There is nothing more repulsive and decadent than a family. Die in Hell faggots.
  6. JeffGoldblumInTheFly


    I just watched this vice shit video, and the guy they take is a 6/10 some would say he could be a chadlite Now all those people are thinking that incels are good looking and the problem is personality, FUUUUCKK THIS SHIT
  7. FlyoverState

    [RageFuel] Women have never treated me like a person.

    Whenever people talk about incels, they always mention that incels treat women like objects instead of like the special people they are. But they always ignore that women DO NOT GIVE A SHIT about any ugly/weak-looking men. They will, at best, acknowledge their existence and mock them. At...
  8. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [RageFuel] Make time stop, I don't want to get old

    I can not take it any more, every day my appearance gets worse, hair falling, my spine is getting crooked, fat beer bely, I do not even drink beer, I mean I drink some things to get high, like now it's just some shity vodka nothing serious, but not beer. We do not age like wines it's just...
  9. FrailPaleStaleMale

    Best day I've had this week

    Hi all. Just thought I'd let you know about my day and why it was probably the best day I've had all week and why the reason is such bullshit..... the only reason today was good, is because I slept through the lot of it. Couldn't be fucking bothered with today and the nice weather seeing all the...
  10. whogivesafucc

    [Serious] Am I the only one on the entire planet of earth who has literally never had any female contact whatsoever?

    Never even talked to one, well except my mom but how the fuck does that count They have never even glanced in my general direction before (except cashiers, because it is their job I guess). I see all people here saying how they have talked to girls before and it blows my fucking mind. Literally...
  11. Jockcel

    [Blackpill] JBW?

    What the fuck is this shit? Can anybody explain this? JBW? Betabux? Maybe she actually doesn't care about looks? Major mindfuck either way.