1. gymletethnicel

    [It's Over] Tore my bicep after new PR.

    Finally hit 165kg DL and tore my bicep in the process. Jfl, it's truly over. Don't gymcel guys, I am ready to accept the true LDAR lifestyle and become a weak fatty. Should I go back after surgery or say fuck it and become a manlet framelet? Fuck you redpillers.
  2. Cleftcel

    [Serious] If all the foids on earth disappeared right now...

    I would still lift weights/exercise( I thought about this recently). Maybe I do gymcel to some extent to improve my appearance in a way that would make me more attractive to foids but I still do it a lot for myself, to challenge myself and to regulate my depression. Any other gymcels feel the...
  3. Cleftcel

    [Cope] anyone else do sprint workouts?

    to increase testosterone and muscular power. Also is jogging a meme?.
  4. seija

    [Venting] The only reason why any Incel should gymcel is so they can be a danger to society

    I know that some incels gymcel so they can look like Chad or attract foids all that is pointless by the end of the day. It's because your genetics are still fucking trash and people still mock you regardless, you've don't even leave anything significant behind or any sort of legacy for others...
  5. SniiperCel

    [Serious] Lowkey Gymcel Tale and Currycel Pal

    Was a frail boy in middle school, foids basically ignored me and paid me no mind. Ethnic as well, so I constantly lost to Chad, and even the Tyrones of my own race still managed to swoon the underdeveloped Stacys. In the middle of 9th grade, believe it or not, I took the blackpill and became a...
  6. Cleftcel

    [Cope] (gymcelling) I really enjoy pre-exhaustion supersets tbh

    Any fellow gymcellers ever try them e.g. dumbbell side lateral followed immediately by a barbell or dumbbell press, or perhaps leg curls followed by stiff-legged deadlifts. I don't know what would of happened to me over the last number of years if I didn't have my ever-faithful cope of...
  7. Klikklakkek

    [Serious] Question for other gymcels

    Do you use the gym as a cope or are you actually trying to gym/bodymaxx originally for me when I had hope I thought bodymaxxing would be the way to go (turns out it's not) so it's more a thing of routine for me and allows me to just listen music and concentrate on something (cope af ik)
  8. chudur-budur

    [JFL] Holy fucking fuckitty fuck, the legendary TRP self proclaimed alpha male GayLubeOil on national TV

    Damn, motherfuckers. I have found it, found it at last. A real life TRPer. The legendary self proclaimed alpha male, TRP postmaxxer, professional posture trainer who changed lives of countless currycels. None other than GayLubeOil (a.k.a. GLO) -- Full video (start at 4:05) -- To know...
  9. Cleftcel

    [Serious] get a grip strength trainer

    you can really take your frustration out on it and it helps with gymcelling (e.g. for deadlifts and other pulling movements) too This is the one ive got highly recommended, get some chalk too (can get on...
  10. Cleftcel

    [LifeFuel] gymcels post today's workout

    Trap bar deficit DL barbell overhead press barbell upright rows stiff-arm pulldown lateral pulldown (Behind neck) dumbbell raises-rear and lateral then did my first ever neck workout- neck curls, reverse neck curls, lateral neck curls. No foids around atleast although some pakicels may of been...
  11. LDARBuddah

    [LifeFuel] Theres no better cure for anxiety than gymcelling

    Its The best cope. Seriously, today i felt like my anxiety was killing me. I went down to the gym with a gallon of water doing pure strength training for 1 and a half hour. Now coming home i feel fucking reinvigorated. I can feel my T levels going through the roof. The exhaustion you feel when...
  12. chudur-budur

    [LifeFuel] Autistic curry-gymcel teaches himself law and sues gym instructor for calling him "stupid" and wins

    Currycel strikes back. This autistic gym-currycel taught himself law and sues the gym instructor for calling him "stupid" and then wins the law suit...
  13. chudur-budur

    [It's Over] Found a real life TRP alpha male!! TRPers, gymcels, GTFIH!!

    At last! I have found a real life TRP alpha male with abundance mentality. He is loaded with frame and games. Who also spins plates and closes HB9 on every fucking weekend. Behold -- His dating profile: Here awaits the surprise -- There goes your lifting, grooming, self development and...
  14. IamLost

    [Serious] Gymcels, what is your 1 rep max bench press?

    My 1 rep max bench press is at 120kg(265lbs). But women still hate me. What about you?
  15. iblamemyself

    [SuicideFuel] When you find out that your favorite cope depends on genetics as well

    I fucked myself up yesterday. I watched a few videos on bodybuildting and came across one of those genetic potential video. Clicking on it was a mistake. Not only did I have to endure a Chad who mogs me on every level, I also found out that genetics play a huge role in bodybuilding as well -...
  16. chudur-budur

    [JFL] at this ricecel gymlet, this is what they mean when they talk about 9/10 HB, gymcel/TRP/PUA GTFIH!!

    Most of the time, their "plates" are so ugly (or fat), they even don't want to kiss them during sex.
  17. DahmerBoy

    [SuicideFuel] First Day at Gym

    I'm a skinnycel so I decided to give gymcelling a chance. Because of my severe social anxiety it took me eight weeks before I got the courage to even step into a gym. This day was today. According to my workout program there's only one machine I need for my exercises; the smith machine. There...
  18. Incellectual

    [Serious] How do gymcels stay motivated?

    Honestly as someone who is 5'3'' no amount of gymcelling is going to get me to ascend. However I still should probably work out and stay in shape. I just don't have any motivation to do it though. I mean sure it increases your life span but why would I want more years as an incel? Its not going...
  19. chudur-budur

    [JFL] This retarded TRP gymcel thinks women are getting scared of him and flinching because of his high SMV

    This gymcel is so repulsive that just his presence is more than enough to cause a vibe of scare, intimidation and insecurity among women. All the women close to his vicinity try to cover themselves and flinch. But this retarded motherfucker is thinking women are acting that way because they are...
  20. Cleftcel

    Fellow NEETcels, what's a typical day for you?

    and what keeps you going? For me: gymcel in the morning and then nothing for the rest of day except internet and food every 2.5 to 3 hours (for gains) My life is completely lacking in meaning or purpose, but the progression in gymcelling and also the chemicals released from gymcelling just...