1. Bangkok or bust

    Percentiles of Height for British men (For 20 year olds)

    5’1” (155cm) - 0.1st percentile 5’2” (157cm) - 0.4th percentile 5’3” (160cm) - 1st percentile 5’4” (163cm) - 2.3rd percentile 5’5” (165cm) - 5th percentile 5’6” (167cm) - 10th percentile 5’7” (170cm) - 18th percentile 5’8” (173cm) - 28th percentile 5’9” (175cm) - 41st percentile...
  2. gymletethnicel

    [JFL] My dad grew and I shrunk

    My dad went from morbid obesity to normal obesity and went from 175cm to 176cm. I went from 172cm to 171cm. My dad is 45, I am 19. He stole my height. :feelsree:
  3. Mixedcel

    [Experiment] [Poll] How tall are you?

    I wonder what's the average height of incels.
  4. DarkMTS_57

    [Blackpill] ( ST.Bagelcel ) The dynamic social disaster of height realism

    Some short dude got angry by spitting some facts IRL about height, and how hard things worked out for him. Then at the end some bully fuckhead picked the guy to show how massive of a douche he can be at the local Bagel dealer. Stunning. Who would have guessed !? Funny thing is if he switched...
  5. BlackPilledKira

    [LifeFuel] Fat mexican defeats 6'6 shredded giga tyrone in boxing

    Fucking LOL this is proof that height and frame are bullshit and just for show Manlets rejoice.
  6. Cleftcel

    [It's Over] If your below 6 feet in height

    you should be below 6 feet in the ground tbh the average height for the general polulation is 5'10 but for men under 30 it must be 6 foot or 6'1 tbh
  7. Bangkok or bust

    Average height of forum members Poll.

    Just wondering. I'm 177.5cm. Sorry 190+ actually means 195cm+
  8. Stulejarz

    [Experiment] Lorenzo Fertitta(face) vs Dana White(height)

    Two founders of UFC Lorenzo Ferrita(5'6) vs Dana White(in wiki 5'11 but some say he has 6’2) if you had the choice to get the look and the growth of one of them, which would you choose? Lorenzo Ferrita: vs Dana White: . . . . comparison of height
  9. Blackpincel

    [SuicideFuel] I saw a couple today that proves that face>>>>height

    Today I went out to buy Ice Cream on a store, and saw a young white couple coming in. The guy was a standard Chad with a full beard and a good shape, but the catch is that even myself, a 5'9'' manlet, heightmogged him. He looked a little less than 5'7''. The foid was a brunette Stacey, very...
  10. Intellectual NPC

    [LifeFuel] Heightcels, Michigan is the only state in the U.S. that prohibits height discrimination

    https://www.michigan.gov/documents/act_453_elliott_larsen_8772_7.pdf I found this interesting fact whilst working on something else. If you know anything about heightism is that people discriminate based on height all the time. If you're really short you could consider moving to Michigan...
  11. Barrett

    When did you stop growing?

    When did you stop growing in height?
  12. 0

    I get really angry at tall people

    No offense tallcels but when I see a tall person (over 5’11 tall) I rage hard. I think about ways to push them over a cliff or to make them paralyzed, basically some way to make them never use their legs again. I know a lot of you are tallfags and will whine about me posting this but I really...
  13. Incellectual

    Growth Hormones after Puberty?

    Is it possible to take hormones after your bones have set that can make you taller or are you fucked once puberty stops? I really need to get taller since I am a meme height but I don't want to get some shitty leg lengthening surgery that only gives you a few inches in exchange for mobility and...
  14. 11gaijin

    [Blackpill] I think I have finally solved the face __ height equation

    PS: Might seem like another of those face v height threads but I am posting this because for the first time I feel I am satisfied with the conclusion. Before going to the result let us see what is the more popular opinion? If you ask a normie or many manlets they will say height If you ask a...
  15. VisVoi

    [Blackpill] Height Blackpill #381

    This chart may inspire hope to fellow manlets, however there is one key fact you are forgetting. When women talk about "men", they are subconsciously only thinking about the top 20% of men. Although 69.1% of women who participated in the study said they would date a man who was 5'8, they...
  16. Curious0

    [SuicideFuel] Getting heightmogged by a female is the worst

    I get heightmogged by multiple females every single day. It fucks up my mood. It makes me angry. I feel like a 6 year old kid when this happens. How does it make you feel? Is it worse than getting heightmogged by males?
  17. LostAllHope

    [LifeFuel] Hope for manlets in Asia

    if i had enough money, I'd move immediately. mind you that that's the AVERAGE height, so there are femoids even shorter than e.g. 5'0" in Vietnam to them there, you'd look like giants if you play ur cards right and height is subjective, so just be the tallest guy around the guys there are also...