1. KillerCel

    [Serious] The only way to solve the Incel problem realistically - The SpaceX/Tesla solution

    I have an idea: A group of Incels and FAs who have an engineering, computer science, medical, robotics background and STEM in general get together and start crowdfunding a project. This project has the goal of accelerating the progress towards creating the first android that would alleviate...
  2. Gengar

    [Serious] Do you believe in zoomers?

    Do you believe that gen Z will be able to reverse what boomers started? I don't have much faith honestly, it seems to me that gen Z is just social media obsessed and entitled generation. They want everything for free, they are spoiled, they are addicted to social media, they are completely...
  3. Mixedcel

    [LifeFuel] Would you be ready to Islammaxx?

    That means moving to an Islamic country, representing yourself as a Muslim to the community and eventually marrying a Muslim woman who would clean, cook, and have sex with you whenever and however you want. I'm thinking about moving to some rich Muslim country, Saudi Arabia for example. Nothing...
  4. Cleftcel

    [Experiment] Just curious

    I drift between agnosticism and nihilism. I can remember having nihilistic thoughts as early as 12 but ive also tried out the religious thing at 18 and have always had a curiosity about the indian religions. tbh I wish I was religious/ had God =best cope of all time How was your beliefs...
  5. F

    [Story] The Copingest Thread Of All Time: Why now would be a bad time for you to get a girlfriend

    Let the cope flow. Many guys here would like a girlfriend, but if you're honest, you are probably not ready for a girlfriend in some ways. For instance, if you got a GF tomorrow, you probably couldn't defend her cuz you're a framecel, so you would need some MMA lessons under your belt, or to...
  6. Cleftcel

    [Serious] If you ascended

    Would you reveal it on this site? would you still visit this site/ would you still be allowed to visit this site?.
  7. Cleftcel

    A glimmer of hope

    Anyone else in spite of their inceldom and desperation still hold out hope of one day finding an imperfect but sweet gf who will accept and love you? I do tbh, I don't when and I don't know how. This inceldom can't fuckin last can it?